Monday 28 May 2018


Readers share their thoughs on what it is like to be a young woman in 2018... 

For me being a woman in 2018 means strength; it's being fierce and defiant in a society that seeks to put us down. It's providing how we can destroy expectations. It's facing prejudices and challenges that still exist. It's tackling the discrimination women all over the world face, by joining together. In such an inspirational time where women are standing up for what is right, I believe that we should support each and every woman. Whether she is a hairdresser, a doctor or an engineer. We are all valid, we are all beautiful and we are all important.

Right now.... it means we have to stick up for one another. I am DONE with hate, because at the end of the day we are all the same. Whether we celebrate or grieve, we should do it together, because too many people aren’t together. Being together means love, and love is now, in the twenty-first century, more important than ever. Love is love is love, and should be for everyone. Love is for everyone, so we, the women of the twenty-first century, should love one another, raise each other up, and respect everyone we cross paths with. Being a woman in the twenty-first century means we can do this!

What is it to be a woman in the 21st century? Scary. Exciting. Adventurous. Always anxious. Brave. Bold. Powerful. Petrified. Confident. Confused. Chaotic. In control. Out of control. Loved. Hated. Respected. Ridiculed. Not yet equal, but getting there.

I am a work in progress, I always will be. Inside me there's a little voice that tells me I am as good as anyone else in this world, but out in the big wide world there are a lot more voices telling me that's not so. I refuse to let it stop me. 

I am soft, gentle, kind... and hard, hardworking, furious, feisty. A woman is whatever she wants to be, and I see glimpses of a society where we can all find our place. Not before time.

Cathy says:
Wow! So many moving, inspiring, well-written manifestos for being female in 2018. Wow! Tell us what YOU think in the COMMENTS SECTION below... 

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