Friday 11 May 2018


Grown up reader Katelynn shares how CC inspired her to write her own book when she thirteen...

Katelynn says:
I first met Cathy Cassidy when I came to a book signing in Bluewater Waterstones in 2010. While there, I got a photo of us, and printed it on a canvas, which is still hanging up in my room to this very day. I then also met Cathy again when she came to Worthing for the first time, which I think was in  2011. I think it was 2011. I remember asking her to sign every single one of my books, because I had brought them ALL along with me. From DIZZY, right through to MARSHMALLOW SKYE. I can still remember the embarrassment I had on my face when I was holding up a big line of other teenage girls in Waterstones.

I am twenty one years old now and a university student, and I still love CC books! I have all of them, and  I'm halfway through LOVE FROM LEXIE right now. I’ve always loved CC books, and I would really love to meet her again one day!

I have always loved to write stories, practically since I was about seven years old. I remember that I did write a book once, during year nine… so I would have been about thirteen or fourteen years old back then. I counted how many pages it was on word, and I think it got up to 100 A4 word document pages. Obviously the grammar wouldn’t have been correct, or the layout; and maybe most of it might not have linked perfectly together or made any sense, but I really did enjoy writing it.

I do still occasionally write, on my iPhone application called WattPad, but these are mainly fan fictions about bands. I would love to learn what it takes to be able to write a good book, because back when I was writing on Word, my family and friends used to tell me I had some good strong talent at writing. I am in my second year of my BSc Honours in Animal Science now but I would love to get back into writing!  I have been busy with my coursework lately, but somehow, I found time to finish the rest of SWEET HONEY, and read LOOKING GLASS GIRL, in less than two days!

Cathy says:
I LOVE hearing from my grown up readers, thanks for sharing Katelynn and good luck with your writing! Do YOU have any stories to share? How was CC inspired YOU? COMMENT BELOW...

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