Thursday 28 June 2018


Reader Isobel shares her review of CC book SAMI'S SILVER LINING... on the day it's published! 

Isobel says:
Why do I think you’ll love❤️ this book?

If you enjoyed😍 LOVE FROM LEXIE than I definitely think you will love this book📚 too as it’s the second book in the LOST AND FOUND  series and is just as amazing - maybe even better! Instead of following the life of Lexie, it introduces you into the mysteries 🔍and secrets of Syrian refugee boy Sami.

I also think you’d be a fan on this book if you are interested in what’s happening in the world🌍 around you and are willing to jump into the worn out soles👟 of someone who is perhaps not as lucky as you and has suffered some unimaginable things - but also some fun and exciting things as well. This fantastic book 📖 changed my viewpoint on refugees and made me think🤔 about the hardships that they have to suffer from everyday.

It's not a soppy fairy tale, it’s set in real life and shows an example of what some people actually have to face. Even though this story is quite sad, the fun parts in between make you suddenly happy 😃again as you turn page📃 after page📄 after page📃, unable to put the book down.

I love the way how Lost and Found weren’t supposed to be a band 🎷at first, it’s as if fate somehow brought them together. Just a gang of teenage misfits who lead up to produce something amazing. SAMI'S SILVER LINING also shows the twists and challenges they have to fight through after showing their faces and proving to everyone what they can do in the music 🎻festival, but can they keep that up?

Read this book📖 to find out, and share it with your friends - I am certain you won’t regret it. It’s absolutely amazing😯 and may even be Cathy’s best yet! I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

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  1. i ordered it but it won't arrive till Monday :(

  2. Aww Awesome first review for an amazing book xxx



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