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Readers share their personal reviews of new CC book SAMI'S SILVER LINING... have you got YOUR copy yet?

I think that Cathy Cassidy's new book SAMI'S SILVER LINING is awesome because at first the book is really sad but when you read it you have to remember that it will all end happily! Her book broke my heart and sewed it back together. The story of Samir is one that I will never forget. This Syrian boy who walked to England, the boy who suffered loss and the boy who still managed to smile. I would recommend it to anyone who has read LOVE FROM LEXIE, the first book in the Lost & Found series. In my opinion, it is Cathy's best book yet!

NICOLE SAYS: I loved SAMI'S SILVER LINING! It is now my favourite book. I found it sad, really sad, but at the end I cried happy tears! My favourite character was Sami, because I really liked his personality and his confidence... I liked the way he dealt with things and his strength. For marks out of ten I would give this book ten, because I liked the story. I also liked the way after each chapter there was a memory of what happened in Sami's past, in the camp or when the boat sank. I loved how the book ended. I can’t wait until Cathy's next book!

Always look for the silver lining... this is the motto Sami is constantly repeating to himself as he makes his dangerous journey from war bitten Syria to England. Life in England is getting better though, and together with the Lost and Found crew Sami finds happiness in the best of places. With an incredible ending, SAMI'S SILVER LINING is a story of love, hardship and hope, woven together with music. This book made me cry! (Tears of joy!)

SAMI'S SILVER LINING is the eagarly anticipated second book in The Lost & Found series, following LOVE FROM LEXIE. I got the book the day before it came out and was really excited to read it as we don't hear much about quiet refugee boy Sami in that first book. Sami tells the story of his family life back home in Syria and the traumatic,journey he and his family face fleeing from the conflict in Syria. I very quickly felt sad for Sami and rooted for him on his journey. It was eye-opening for me and it also made me feel really sad that this is what children have to go through to escape conflict in their home country. The news doesn't tell us specific, personal stories like these. It often tells me things I don't fully understand so the book brought the war in Syria to life for me. I enjoyed the symbolism in the book too (you'll have to read it to find out what Sami's 'silver lining' really means!) It was also interesting to see the band from Sami's point of view and catch up with the other characters. I loved watching Sami find his voice and his confidence within the band, as well as romance! There is a really shocking ending to the book, which I never saw coming, it was brilliant and made me love the book even more! The book made me want to find out more about refugees, particularly children, and find out ways which I could help them. If you haven't read LOVE FROM LEXIE or SAMI'S SILVER LINING, you have to read BOTH now!

Cathy says:
The reviews for SAMI'S SILVER LINING are amazing so far... if you haven't already, get your hands on a copy soon! And if you'd like to add your own verdict, please email via the EMAIL CATHY link on or COMMENT BELOW!

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