Wednesday 24 May 2017


It's problem page time on DREAMCATCHER again, and reader Hannah has a worry for Skye Tanberry to sort out...

Hannah says:
I would always have said that we were a happy family but things have changed loads in the last year. My mum has a new job which I know she doesn't like much, but we need the money. It seems to have changed her personality though. She is so snappy and mean with dad, and with my sister and me. Everything we do seems to be wrong these days. Last night she made my sister (who is eleven) cry, and told her she was useless and stupid. I hate being at home now, it's so stressy, and I go to my friend's house after school if I can, but that's not fair on my sister. Everything is going wrong.

Skye says:
I think stress is the cause of all this unhappiness, and talking is the way to try to unravel the problem. Talk to your dad and see what his take on all of this is... he may know much more than you about what is going on. Let him know you and your sister are upset and scared by the bad atmosphere and don't know what to do. Talk to your mum too... but not in an accusing or confrontational way. Explain you miss the family closeness and having time to do fun things together. Ask if there is anything you can do to help things run more smoothly. Let her know you love her, and want to help. Money worries, job stress, health issues or any number of other things could be the cause of this, but until you know you cannot help. Get talking, and good luck.

Cathy says:
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  1. However badly stressed your mother is, there is no excuse for calling a child stupid. We might as well use stress to justify killing somebody! Extreme example, I know, but it would be worth mentioning how upsetting the effect she is having on you.



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