Friday 26 May 2017


Reader Violet has a book recommendation for older teens and young adult readers... have a read and see what you think!

Violet says:
My current favourite book is UNDONE by Cat Clarke - she's a Scottish writer, and I'm always very pleased when my country-mates - I hope that's a word, it's quite sweet - do well. It's a YA book so please not, it is only suitable for OLDER TEENS and adults, but it is one book that will stay with you. It is told from the viewpoint of Jem Halliday, a girl grieving her best friend Kai, and trying to cope with the aftermath of his suicide. She decides to get revenge on the people she believes caused his death.

UNDONE is such an emotional read - I had to take a break after a few chapters as it was just too heartbreaking to read in one sitting. It's really powerful. Jem is relatable, she is just an ordinary teenage girl. She's not perfect, she doesn't have special powers, she isn't a courageous heroine. She's Jem, and she misses Kai, and that's all that matters. Even I missed Kai, that's how well written UNDONE is! If you think you are strong enough to deal with the heartbreak and the sleepless nights this book will bring, I strongly recommend you read it because it is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, in the best possible way. It's a book you won't forget.

'It doesn't get any easier. No matter what they say, time doesn't heal the wound. Time just unravels and shows you new and more painful ways to miss someone...'

Cathy says:
Love this YA recommendation... I love Cat's writing too, so this is one I will try. Do YOU have a favourite book you'd like to recommend to DREAMCATCHER readers? This is your chance! COMMENT BELOW to tell us, and email me via the 'EMAIL CATHY' link over on the main website,



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