Saturday 13 May 2017


Reader Katie talks about friendship and why finding a friendship soul-mate can be so awesome...

Katie says:
I do like people, but it's hard to find people I really connect with. Or it was, until I met my best friend Ashlan, one of my favourite humans.Yes, I did literally pick her and say 'I like you,' or at least it seems that way!

When I met Ashlan, it was in the first few days of Year Nine, which means we have now been friends for three years. Ashlan was reading a book a day, almost exclusively fantasy. The reading fascinated me, we realised we were both geeky fan girls and the rest is history! We are both Ravenclaws, and fan girls, and the fact that we don't fan girl about the same things makes no difference. We still find plenty of memes to tag each other in, and Ashlan got me into anime. It's really good - well, the mushy stuff I watch, anyway! Ashlan just KNOWS. She is a very intuitive person. Often I think she is actually a ninja, because she's so focused on her wonderful (like, seriously amazing) drawing, or her manga, or her computer game, but she can still sense when she needs to prick her ears up. I used to tease Ash, when she was absolutely crazy about dragons, by spontaneously yelling 'DRAGON!' and watching her head swivel, her ears prick up and her nose start twitching.

Ashlan is my Dragon Girl - fierce, fiery, can give you a smouldering death stare. She is also beautiful and sparkly inside and out! My favourite Ashlan memory is taking her to Wellington (the captial of New Zealand, where we live) for her birthday. We went to WOW (World of Wearable Arts) together and were awed by the costumes. We had lunch, shopped for books and took a tour of the workshop responsible for many of the special effects in movies such as The Hobbit. Ashlan and I sit together every day at morning break and lunch even though for two years we haven't been in the same classes - she's so good at the arty subjects, and they are not my forte! Ashlan is intelligent and beautiful - she even gave her Rapunzel locks a pixie cut and her hairstyle is PHENOMENAL - but most of all she is kind. I thank my lucky stars every day that I have my Dragon Girl in my life!

Cathy says:
Awww, this is so cool! Do YOU have an amazing friend who deserves a special shout-out on DREAMCATCHER? COMMENT BELOW or email me through the 'email Cathy' link on the homepage of the CC website, to tell me more!

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  1. I don't really have a best friend, but i have two fabulous friendship groups. First I have Charlie and Lydia, who are into fashion and make-up and are farmers daughters, and are quite popular; i eat with them at lunch, but we aren't really that close (just close enough). Then there's my other group of friends, which is complicated but awesome: James, my boyfriend; Harry, my ex boyfriend; Ben, who annoys me 24/7; Sean, who shares my love for English and always steals my stuff then buys me more; Josh, who is mental and brainy and got a sudoko book for his birthday; Toren, who has a rats tail and loves Star Wars; Kaylan, who has long hair and is often mistaken for a girl although he's actually a boy; Lilli, who used to self harm and eats pizza with me every day at break; Ketziah, who's in the England ice hockey U14 team (!!!); and Katie, who is kind of my BFF and spends a lot of time with me.
    I love both my friendship groups; the only problem is, they're kept very seperate because Lyd and Charl are popular wannabes but the others are either nerds or weirdos. Somehow i'm managing to keep in with them both, and i love that that is possible.
    Ps. Can't wait till Love From Lexie comes out, Cathy! Keep posting, i love dreamcatcher!



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