Friday 19 October 2018


More lovely readers share their reviews of SAMI'S SILVER LINING... aww! 

Deborah says:
There's something about CC books - they are just effortlessly amazing. Not only is this story an eye opener to the hardships that refugees face, emotionally as well as physically, but it also is a reminder that the little things in the world add up to true beauties. Sami shines in this story, from his culture to his influence on the band and I see him in an entirely new perspective in this series now. Anyone and everyone must read this book. That's an order!

Rachel says:
I just finished reading SAMI'S SILVER LINING - it was the best!! It was so heart-warming and although it made me aware of some of the horrible things going on in the world I am so glad this book is out there spreading awareness. I was at the Edinburgh book festival and found Cathy's talk very informative as I myself love writing and CC books are my inspiration. I once met CC at Newarthill library in 2017! I would give this book - well, all CC books - 5 stars or 10/10!

Hannah says:
I think that Sami's journey from war conflicted Syria to the safety in the UK is very emotional. When he arrives, he has a new home, new friends, relatives that support him... and a band that he joins in with. When I read this book, I couldn't help but think about the refugee crisis and I'm grateful that this book helps to raise funds for the refugee charities that help them. I am planning to do something to help them too, maybe  a sponsored event for Save The Children.

Beatrice says:
Recently, I have read SAMI'S SILVER LINING and have loved every second of it. I was so captivated by it. I admired how Sami was the main character of it and how the book might change the way people think about refugees. I am hoping to enter the photo competition soon and I have been telling my best friend about CC books, so she is going to start reading them. I have also read LOVE FROM LEXIE and BROKEN HEART CLUB.

Orla says:
I have just read the book SAMI'S SILVER LINING and I loved it. I found the last few pages heartwarming (I won't say what happens, because **spoilers** but it's amazing!). The first few pages were really sad as you start to understand what Sami has been through, but I LOVED this book and I can't wait to read LOVE FROM LEXIE. (It's the first one in the series, so I'm reading them the wrong way round, but it doesn't matter, I am just SO glad I have found this series!)

Cathy says:
It means so much that readers have given such wonderful reviews for SAMI... little things like this help a writer to keep going! Do YOU have a fave CC book? Tell me in a COMMENT BELOW and send in a review and a pic... it might just appear on DREAMCATCHER!

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