Saturday 5 August 2017


Reader Lucia has a dilemma... find out what options she has!

Lucia says:
I'm sixteen years old and love writing poetry - do you have any advice on how to get my work published? Would I be taken seriously? I suppose I'd need to make a portfolio of the best ones but I've no idea where or how to start, or who to show them to. Help, please?

I asked three poets to answer with suggestions for Lucia... Magi Gibson, a professional poet; Faye, a young poet who goes to regular poetry nights; and Jess, a young poet who has recently self-published her first book of poems.

Magi says:
Most poets start by getting poems published in magazines - there are both print and online mags, and poetry competitions too. Check out if there are online groups of poets in your area and link up with them - they can often recommend magazines, which will save you wading through so many yourself! Then read the guidelines, pluck up your courage and send in your poems. Don't worry about rejection - rejection is how we learn, but it's easier if you have some poetry buddies to share both successes and disappointments with!

Faye says:
I don't know much about publishing poetry but I do go to local poetry nights or poetry 'open mics'. This is a great way to build confidence and get yourself and your work out there - even if you just go along to listen until you find the courage to actually read out! When you hear the different poetry being read and the expressions put into it, it can spark new ideas or even a poem within you! Generally the poets are very encouraging and supportive of each other... I'd definitely advise any new poet to give it a go.

Jess says:
I've always loved creative writing but only recently begun writing poetry - the words seem to come more naturally and I enjoy playing around with different structures. Writing poetry has helped me with stress and anxiety and I decided to publish a selection of poems focusing on my experience of this to raise awareness of mental health struggles. I submitted my poems to a small, independent publisher but sadly received a rejection from them, albeit a positive one. I then decided to try Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and publish the collection myself to get the poems out there and remind myself not to stop dreaming! The hardest part was the formatting of the book - apart from that I just had to upload the Word document to KDP, using my Amazon account, and then preview it as it would appear on a Kindle, tablet or phone. It wasn't difficult at all. You can buy my collection of poems, Angel Awaiting, here.

For more advice, check out:

Cathy says:
Great advice and lots of ideas for Lucia - I hope this helps her to make the first few steps to getting her poems out there! Remember there is a free poetry forum over on too, with some fab pieces. Are YOU a secret poet? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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  1. Try Young Writers,Lucia. Search it online. They run comps for 11-18 year olds (or is it 11-16?) and they publish the poetry in books with other people. I myself have had three publications with them so far, with a fourth coming-all of the course of the past year and a bit. Good luck!



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