Friday 4 August 2017


More readers share their verdict on new CC book LOVE FROM LEXIE - have YOU read it yet?

Cat says:
I absolutely adored this book. Plot twist after plot twist really engages the reader and take them on a journey about the power of friendship and discovering yourself - even when you feel too lost to be found. I especially enjoyed the fact that the plot covered a range of current issues close to my heart, such as local service closures and mental health to name just a few. I believe that reading should be a way to safely introduce young people to the problems faced by today's society and LOVE FROM LEXIE achieved this beautifully. A well deserved five stars for thus excellent book - I wait in anticipation for the next instalment of this series. I can't wait to see where the story takes us from here!

Marti says:
After the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS I was keen to read the first installation of CC's new series, THE LOST & FOUND. One of the things I loved most about LOVE FROM LEXIE is that it is universal - you don't have to be the 'target audience' (children/ YA) to understand the issues in the story. They are touched on with the kind of sensitivity and understanding that the world needs much more of! Lexie has been in care ever since her mum went missing, but although she loves her new foster parents and her foster sister Bex, she can't help but hold hem at arm's length in case her real mum comes back, With the help of Bex she sets up a group at the local library and the LOST & FOUND is born - but where does a band, a bunch of letters and the threat of library closures come into it? You'll have to pick the book up and find out yourself! Final thoughts? READ IT. Just read it!

Sophie says:
I got LOVE FROM LEXIE the day before it came out and I loved it from the very first paragraph. It's about a girl with a very sad past who ends up in foster care - Lexie decides to bring together others at school who might be feeling lost or alone, and creates a group. I loved this idea and related to it and wanted to see where it would go! I loved the different characters in the group and really wanted to hear THEIR stories too. Lexie forms a special bond with one band member and the book almost had me shouting advice at her - I had to keep reading and it turned out there was a huge plot twist coming that changed my opinion totally! The band decide to campaign to save the library where they practice, and end up setting up a music festival... I'd like to think it will inspire young people to re-create this cool idea! LOVE FROM LEXIE feels very different and unique and covers lots of different issues... I think it will help young people to be more accepting of everyone around them. LOVE FROM LEXIE celebrates diversity, individuality, music and of course libraries - I cannot wait to read more about Lexie's friends and find out what the LOST & FOUND group get up to next!

Cathy says:
Thank you Cat, Marti and Sophie! The reviews I'm getting are fab, and I appreciate the lovely feedback... LOVE FROM LEXIE needs to be on your summer reading list! COMMENT BELOW to add your own reviews!


  1. Thanks so much for this! Some fab reviews :)

  2. I've read this book too and fell totally in love with it
    I've sent cathy my review and hopefully it's not long until it's on here
    Love from Aaliyah xxx

  3. lovely post :)



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