Monday 9 April 2018


Reader Katie has a fabulous Fan-Fic story for you, peeking into the future of favourite character Summer Tanberry...

'I’m going to catch you!' Summer’s 'Dancing Tots' scattered around on tippy-toe as she closed her eyes.

'One, two, three....' and then Summer grew up. She was still sitting on the floor of the dance studio, head in hands. Only now she was a seasoned dance teacher with years of experience under her belt, a little weary today and nostalgic for what might have been.

Tap, tap, tap. Summer looked up and saw Abby, in her tap shoes. Just a few years ago she had been a dancing tot, and was now eager to apply for all the major performing arts schools in the country, well aware she was qualified for more than half already. This young girl with her whole future mapped out smiled down at Summer, offering a hand.

'Run through my solo with me? Please?' Summer took Abby’s hand and began to shimmy across the studio. Soon it was only a matter of correcting Abby’s elbows and knees, before she was off prancing around the studio by herself. Swept up in the music, Summer tried for the tricky combination she could not master and - it clicked!

'That. Was. Incredible.' breathed Abby, tired out from her jazz solo. Summer smiled, modestly bowing her head.

'I had been trying for hours to get that right! I thought the whole dance was ruined! It was your influence, my protege!' Summer performed a graceful grand jeté and landed just shy of Abby. She scarpered, dashing into the broom cupboard on tip toe as if they were playing hide and seek again.

Summer sighed and leaned on the barre. 'All grown up.'

Cathy says:
So poignant and lovely... thank you, Katie! Would YOU like to take part in the regular story challenges and maybe see your work here on DREAMCATCHER? Go give a 'like' to the FB FANPAGE to stay up to date with what's going on! And remember to COMMENT BELOW to tell me how you liked the story!

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