Wednesday 25 April 2018


A while ago, I asked what music meant to YOU... and one of my lovely grown up readers sent this lovely reply! If you're looking for inspiration and a little musical magic, read on!

Lisa says:
I started playing the cornet at the age of six and by nine I was playing recorder too. I started to march with a local brass band until I was about twenty-one, when I met my husband - at the time he played baritone! We got married and started out own competitive marching band, which was very successful! When my daughter came along, she too started to play trumpet and to march, and we continued on for a long time - it was a way of life really!

Today, my husband plays the tuba and my thirteen years old son plays baritone and euphonium. My daughter is now twenty and has almost finished her degree - she has trained to be a professional singer and she also plays trumpet, cornet, flugel horn, piano and ukulele! She is extremely talented and very beautiful too!

These days, I work in a primary school and teach a choir, a brass group and a recorder group. I also play trumpet, cornet, flugel horn, recorder and ukulele! I love teaching music as I have seen for myself how children who may not be particularly academic can really thrive and often excel at music. Also, the enjoyment they get from it is hugely rewarding, for them and for me! I would encourage anyone, young or old, to learn how to play a musical instrument as it can be a great stress reliever. It brings people together and for some people, playing in front of an appreciative audience can really boost confidence and self-esteem. Music really is magic!

Cathy says:
Wow... that's just amazing! I love the sound of brass instruments, so joyful! Do YOU play a musical instrument? Tell us more in a COMMENT BELOW!

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