Friday 27 April 2018


We asked readers to tell us about their favourite quotes... this is what reader Katie had to say!

We're all stories in the end...

Katie says:
This quote has resonated with me for a long time. Doctor Who is one of my main fandoms, and Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor in particular is my Doctor. This quote is said by his Doctor when he is saying goodbye to Amelia Pond. But this quote is born from very wibbly wobbly circumstances, so, to use a Harry Potter quote in lieu of an explanation: “It’s not really goodbye after all.”

I started watching Doctor Who when Matt Smith was still “regeneration sick”. So he was my first Doctor, my favourite Doctor, and naturally Amy and Rory became my favourite companions. I could not bear to see the Doctor saying goodbye to Amy and Rory, but in typical Steven Moffatt fashion this ended up happening a lot. But the Doctor wasn’t saying goodbye to adult Amy when he said this quote, he was ensuring that young Amelia would always remember her imaginary friend, “the Raggedy man.”

So at the end of “The Big Bang”, season five, episode 13, the Doctor bends down to Amelia, sleeping in her bed, and says “I’ll be a story in your head. We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”. While most of us may solely interpret this as a heartfelt goodbye, I feel drawn to this quote for what I interpret as its literary undertones. BOOKS! I like books. This quote reminds me of the importance of stories: telling them, reading them and writing them. It also makes me think of finding ourselves in stories. The Doctor is a very relatable character, so not only do I find myself in stories generally, I can relate to a 900-year-old alien. So “We’re all stories in the end” connects me to stories generally, but also my favourite television series, Doctor Who.

Following “We’re all stories in the end” is one of my favourite scenes in the whole of Doctor Who. It’s grown-up Amy’s wedding, and she’s calling her imaginary friend. The Doctor is summoned, saying “I’m Amy’s imaginary friend, but I came anyway!”. The Doctor then dances at a wedding and whisks Amy and Rory away. What’s not to love? So my favourite Doctor Who quote is really the perfect quote: It’s up to interpretation, sad, but also happy and delivered beautifully by Matt Smith. It really is an important reminder. “I’ll be a story in your head. We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”

Cathy says:
Love this... and yes, it's a brilliant quote! Do YOU have a famous quote that means a lot to you? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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