Monday 2 April 2018


This Easter Monday, readers tell us about their dream holiday destinations and perfect escapes... 

Lara says:
I'd go to a desert island, the kind with white sand and turquoise sea and sunshine all day long. No crocodiles or snakes or giant cockroaches... but maybe some friendly monkeys and a ready supply of pineapples and other fresh fruits. If I get bored, I can explore and maybe meet a cute boy recently shipwrecked and washed up on the beach nearby. We'd never get bored and never light a fire to try to attract attention so we could be rescued. At least, not until after my GCSE exams are over, later this year, anyway!

Katie says:
Well, I’ve kind of just escaped in real life - we had a problem with the water supply in the town where we live in New Zealand. While it was being fixed, we had a mini beach holiday, but without Mum, because she had to stay and go on working. So next time I get to escape I’m taking Mum! I have a lot of trips planned - Ed Sheeran, Armageddon, Europe - so I’m just counting down to those! We can use the water now, but we still have to boil it to drink it.

Anne says: 
Mine is quite simple... a caravan park, with sandwiches to eat on the trip!

Zaila says:
I'd like to get in a night flight to Thailand and stay at one of the best spas they have, and get massages and seaweed wraps all day. If someone could arrange that it would be great?

Blue says:
I'm not in much of a "leaving the house" kind of mood today. In fact, I'm not in a "leaving my room" kind of mood. Seriously, I realised I needed the bathroom a while ago yet it's been about half an hour and I've only just managed to move myself from lying down to sitting up. The door seems very far away but I'm sure the room is the same size it's always been. So if I could go anywhere, I guess I'd go to the bathroom. I wouldn't take anyone with me though, because that would be a bit weird! I'd like to cuddle with my cats when I come back though. Elsa fell asleep in my arms earlier and it's the best I've felt in the past few days. Everyone needs an Elsa.

Lindy says: 
I can go anywhere, right? Well, my great escape would be to the 1860s or the 1930s!

Arlia says:
I'd go to Hobart to visit my boyfriend!

Sonia says:
Dream destination? Has to be Tanglewood, because I could get to know the Tanberry sisters and their friends and share their lives for real and not just through the pages of a book! Although if that's not possible, a weekend curled up with my CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series will do!

Cathy says:
I'm loving the imaginative answers here, a holiday into the past sounds fab! What is YOUR dream escape? Click to FOLLOW the blog and leave a COMMENT BELOW...

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