Saturday 31 March 2018


I met student Becky at the Bath Kid's Lit Festival in the autumn of 2017 and asked her to write a little about her cool degree course and career plans... this is what she had to say!

Becky says:
I am nineteen years old and I'm meant to be a 'grown up' but I still feel like a kid. I'm thinking lots of you may enjoy writing - I love writing too! It's pretty cool, right? You get to make up stories and daydream, two things that i did a lot growing up.

I grew up in a small village on the outskirts of Bristol. I lived there with my parents, my brother, my twin sister and my black and white cat Izzy. My favourite subject was Literacy, and then, when I went to secondary school, English Literature and Media Studies. I worked really hard at school and Sixth Form, and it really paid off. I live in Bath now and attend Bath Spa University - I am in my first year of a degree in Creative Writing and Media Communications, which sounds both terrifying and fancy. Terrifyingly fancy!

This course is SO much fun - you guys would love it! We talk about books and writers, we discuss Harry Potter and magic, we look at each other's writing and offer advice. That's just one part of the Creative Writing side of my degree. The other part has us creating worlds and writing scripts for them, working in groups to write what the characters might say on screen. The best way to describe it is that I get to write what people like DIZZY or LEXIE would say if they were on your TV screen... that's cool, don't you think?

I'm not yet sure where I will end up when I finish my degree, but I am excited about my future and my writing. I am hoping it will end in a job where I can write my stories and people will want to read them! There are plenty of ways to get where you're going and you don't always have to know where that destination is... but if it's something you love to do, then believe in yourself  and go for it. You've got this!

Cathy says:
I wish Becky all the luck in the world... her degree course sounds just about perfect! What are YOUR career hopes and dreams? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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