Sunday 11 March 2018


Readers give a shout out to their mums... today and every day!

Katie says:
I literally do not know where I would be without my Mum. True to her Gryffindor nature, she is a fierce protector, and always makes sure things get done. Mum is the best present giver, and is always very grateful for the interesting items I have put together for her! Mum encourages me and supports me for who I am. My Mum is the best person for the job, and throws herself into her many jobs. Mum is now a committed dog owner, and is very proud of her beautiful dog babies! But she makes sure Penny, our cat, is looked after too. Mum always ensures the family is together during special occasions. So Mum is a Mum, but she is also the best Mum. She is a strong protector who cares for others and makes sure we are always safe and having fun.

Jasmine says:
My mum's the best - she supports me in everything and never gives up on me through my struggles!

Hollie says:
My mumma is incredible. Through the most horrendous five years she has been my rock. I am not afraid to admit that I was horrible; I was violent and manipulative and so so difficult to deal with requiring so much basic care. Yet she managed to approach every problem I had with such kindness and care. She never faltered, even up to this day she continues to stand by me and fight for what I need, whether it be hospital discharge or my PIP or my doctors appointments. She is dealing with the most difficult of situations herself with her own dad, my grandad and yet she carries on caring for me and now cares for him. She’s amazing, beautiful and everything I hope to be one day. I love her!

Millie says:
My mum is my hero... she's had some very hard battles to fight the last couple of years but she never gives up and never let's the bad times get to her. She is kind, generous and always the person I go to if something goes wrong, and she gives the best cuddles. My mum is one in a million!

Lucie says:
My relationship with my mum has changed over the years! When I was little I worshipped her, wanted to be like her... I was her 'mini-me'! When I hit eleven or twelve, all that changed and for a while, it felt like everything she did annoyed me. I was pushing the boundaries a lot at that time, and we used to have some terrible rows. I said some things I am not proud of and I slammed so many doors my mum jokes that she's surprised they didn't come off their hinges! By the time I was fifteen or sixteen things started to calm down, and now that I'm at sixth form college we're back to being really close again. I wanted to give a shout out to my mum for putting up with me through that time and always caring enough to give me boundaries and rules - without them, who knows where I'd have ended up! I realise now we are quite alike, both strong and independent women who can be stubborn and dramatic, but I am so glad to have her as a mum and she's getting the biggest bunch of flowers on mothers day, as well as afternoon tea out with all the family! Love you, Mum!

Holly says:
I don't know what I'd do without my mum, she's my best friend and advice giver and she's always there for me!

Suhala says:
My mum always listens and gives the best advice, and she is a brilliant cook as well as running her own business. She is a great role model and I can honestly say I love her to bits!

Cathy says:
Aww, so lovely! I miss my own mum lots on Mother's Day (and every day) but I will get to hang out with my own lovely kids... yay! Want to give a Mother's Day shout-out to YOUR mum? Go for it - just COMMENT BELOW!

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  1. This is lovely! I'm not with my Mum at the moment, but I've sent her an ecard so hopefully she knows I'm thinking of her...



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