Saturday 17 March 2018


Readers tell us just what their furry little friends mean and how they affect us more than we may know! 

Hollie says:
My Boris is the light of my life. We got him because I was getting ill with what appeared to be anxiety and depression. He was only 8 weeks when we first saw him; the breeder lifted him up into my arms off the floor and at that moment he was mine. I’d actually wanted a brown pup but from the second that Boris lilted his head onto my chest and sighed the first time I saw him, I knew it was that puppy that had been sent to save me. I was really very unwell, I’d have meltdowns where I’d scream and cry, so loudly my family couldn’t bear to stay in the room. But 12 week old black bundle of scruff Boris would sit at my feet and wait for me to calm down, and he’d bring me back into the world by licking my face. He visited me in hospital (and was so excited to see me for the first time in two months he wet himself on their new floor!) and he was the only reason I wanted to come home at first. He has been my therapy, my angel; he gives me amazing confidence when I’m out with him and always a reason to look forward to going home. He was even invited to my sister’s graduation at reading and ended up as the 7th top news story of the day on the BBC! I have no clue what I’d do without that troublesome mess; he’s a very special sproodle!

Katie says:
Penny is our little Slytherin. She is a black and white cat with enough sass for the whole household. Penny is a keen huntress. She wiggles her bottom, twitches her nose and lifts her paw, getting ready to pounce. I think I’m Penny’s favourite, but I don’t take the role lightly. As soon as her beady yellow eyes catch mine I arrange myself into the perfect position for cuddles. Temperatures are soaring? I’ll still wear a blanket for Penny. She deserves it. We adopted her from the SPCA when she was a kitten! Neo is our miracle dog. He is a Swedish Vallhund. When we realised our road was truly treacherous for cats without Penny’s supreme intellect, my parents started looking for dogs - and stopped as soon as they found Neo. Neo changed our lives forever - he’s truly magnificent and very cuddly, especially when he wants attention. Neo only really barks at other dogs, to call over to them from the other side of the street and say “HEY! PARTY AT MY PLACE!”. He never usually gets any takers! One Swedish Vallhund is never enough, though, and we knew we had to get another puppy.  Dad wanted a red Swedish Vallhund (and we thought they couldn’t look more majestic!) and Mum wanted a girl (a sister for Neo!).I rattled off all the female Harry Potter names and Luna stuck! Her favourite thing to chew is books, and she even chewed through my copy of Love From Lexie!  I absolutely loved having a dog I could pick up and cuddle, she was only tiny when we got her, but Luna is already getting big. It’s nearly time for her to wear her full size Ravenclaw collar, to match the Hufflepuff one Neo will be getting as a birthday present on Monday! And with that, our family is complete!

Trish says:
My Pomeranian, Bella, is my best friend. And she has just had a litter of five adorable babies three weeks ago! Bella has made our little family feel complete and more settled. We have 2 boy Poms as well but it's Bella who means the world to me!

Cathy says:
Ahh just lovely! I love my furry friends, they mean the world to me! Want to give a shout-out to YOUR pets? COMMENT BELOW and click the button at top of page to follow DREAMCATCHER...

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