Wednesday 28 March 2018


Regular columnist Laura has some advice on how to give a compliment - and how to receive one without ignoring or arguing about it!

Laura says:
I used to be very bad at getting compliments. If someone said something nice about my hair or style, I’d argue that they were wrong, that my shoes were old and dull, that my hair was a mess. I thought I was being nice, showing that I wasn’t big-headed, but actually I was throwing the compliment back at the people who’d said something nice. And I know that would hurt me a bit if someone did it to me. So here is how to say something nice to others... and how to accept a compliment when one comes your way!

Make sure you mean it! If you’re just trying to flatter, it will seem insincere.
Wait for the right moment! Be natural and make it clear you don’t expect anything in return!
Don’t overdo it! Too much enthusiasm will make you look needy and may embarrass the person!
Be original! Wait until there’s something that really catches your attention!

Smile! Look the person in the eye and say thanks... it’s really that easy!
Be friendly! Giving a compliment is a good way to make friendly contact, so show that you appreciate their effort!
Don’t argue! Arguing about a compliment is rude... you wouldn’t reject a present, so why turn down a compliment?
Be modest! Accepting a compliment is great, but don’t over-do it by singing your own praises... that’s just as dodgy!
Believe it! Compliments are rare, so appreciate them... someone has reached out to say something positive to you, which is kind of awesome.

Shouldn’t we all give more compliments when we can? I think so!

Cathy says:
Definitely agree with Laura, compliments are so easy and can make someone's day! Do YOU agree? If so COMMENT BELOW with your views!

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