Friday 16 March 2018


Regular blogger Laura has some tips on how to reclaim the art of the conversation!

Laura says:
We spend so much time online that we often neglect the skills of a face to face chat, especially with those we don’t know very well. Time to polish up those skills and make new friends at the same time!

Be approachable! Smile and look friendly and interested in others!
Ask questions - open-ended ones, not ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions! This can start things off smoothly, as most people are at ease chatting about themselves.
Don’t mention the weather! Yawn!
Don’t talk about politics or big issues right away - you may have very different views, and the conversation may turn into an argument!

Look out for chances to add your thoughts to the conversation... this way, you create a real give-and-take conversation!
Be aware of the other person’s body language - if they look awkward or uncomfortable, steer onto safer topics.
Be yourself! Be open, honest and show your feelings... people like to see a glimpse of the real you!
Listen! This is the biggest quality of a good conversationalist. Pay attention to what others are saying!

... try to hog the conversation!
... overshare! Too much personal info can scare people away.
... try to interrogate people. Keep it natural!
...make things up to try to ‘keep up’ with the others in the conversation. You’ll be found out!

Remember that you can practice on anyone and everyone - the cashier on the tills at Morrisons, little brothers and sisters and their friends, neighbours, family friends... you name it! It’s not always easy, especially if you are shy, but practice makes perfect!

Cathy says:
Yup... I certainly find it hard to talk to strangers or those I don't know too well at times. Great tips, Laura! Do YOU have any tips to share? COMMENT BELOW...

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