Tuesday 6 March 2018


Reader LouLou opens up about the difficulties of puberty... and SUMMER TANBERRY offers some wise words of advice!

LouLou says:
I really love gymnastics but recently I've noticed some changes in my body that I don't like. This makes me really anxious to be around other 'perfect' girls in my class. It makes me feel like dirt. I've definitely gained weight and started to develop boobs and I don't know how to enjoy it anymore. I hate wearing really tight leotards because it shows off my horrible tummy. It's not that I am unhealthy, because I do loads of sports. I do karate and play hockey too! It's really getting me down, please help!

Summer says:
I feel so strongly about this... as girls, we are not always ready for or prepared for the changes our body goes through at puberty. I wasn't, and I tried to bully my own body into submission, and it made me very ill - so I've spent a lot of time thinking about this. The truth is, our bodies are meant to gain weight at this time, it's a part of puberty. Curves and boobs are part of the way a woman looks, and though it can feel alien, it's better to accept the changes your body is going through than to fight them. Believe me, I've been there! I'm older now and I genuinely like the way my body is... including the curvy bits! Your body is an amazing thing - keep it fit and healthy and it will be the best friend you ever have. Try to relax and stop beating yourself up... your body is changing and so are your hormones, which can play havoc with emotions. This feeling should ease in time... hang on in there, and good luck.

Cathy says:
I think many young women take a while to get used to the changes puberty brings, but as Summer says, most of us get there in the end! Do YOU have any good advice for LouLou? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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