Friday 30 March 2018


Reader Isobel was over the moon when she found a copy of her favourite CC book in a second-hand bookshop... but that book had a story of its own to tell!

Isobel says:
I first borrowed Cathy Cassidy's book GINGERSNAPS from my school library a while ago, and loved it so much that I kept borrowing it over and over, and basically kept it for the whole of the school year... I loved it so much!  Every year, we go on a family holiday to a place called Kippford on the Solway Coast in Scotland, and whenever we go, we always make sure to visit Wigtown, the book town. We're all great readers in our family, and love nothing better than spending a few hours in the book shops there, browsing and having coffee and lunch. Anyway, we were in a bookshop called Reading Lasses and my granddad was looking in the children's section, and he came across a copy of GINGERSNAPS. Mum told him it was my favourite book, and so he bought it for me as a surprise.

When he gave it to me, I was over the moon, and started to read it again straight away. To my surprise, I found a little note tucked in the inside cover! The note said:

Happy Birthday Soph! Just wanted you to know you are one of my best friends. You give great advice and give me a smile when I need one! This book is about friendship but unlike Shannon and Ginger, ours will NEVER fall apart! Geri xxx

My family and I talked about how good it is to share books that you love with others, and I wrote about the whole thing for school when I went back home... it all made such an impression on me.

In May of 2017, we were on another family holiday, this time near Peebles, and my mum, my gran and myself were all taking turns reading ANGEL CAKE out loud to each other in the car. Mum looked the Cathy Cassidy website up on my phone, and that's when we discovered that there was going to be a design-a-cupcake book event with Cathy Cassidy in Manchester at their book festival. It sounded great, so on the spur of the moment we decided to drive down to Manchester and meet the person who wrote GINGERSNAPS! I got to meet Cathy, have LOVE FROM LEXIE signed, and I also told her about my copy of GINGERSNAPS and the lovely note I'd found. Cathy thought this was a great story and suggested putting it on the DREAMCATCHER blog!

I am at secondary school now, but if you ask me what my favourite book in the world is, I’d still say GINGERSNAPS!

Cathy says:
This is so special - thank you for sharing the story, Isobel! Sharing books is one of my favourite things to do. I really hope Geri and Sophie are still great friends! Tell us what YOU think in the COMMENTS SECTION below...

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  1. Interesting story love it, i'm 18 and my favorite book is still Scarlet



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