Monday 5 March 2018


A little shout out from - and for - all my wonderful readers around the globe!

Fifi lives in South Africa:
My name is Fifi and I live in South Africa. How did I discover Cathy Cassidy books? I would have to go back to the year 2012. The first book I read was CHERRY CRUSH And after that I was ADDICTED! My personal favourite is SWEET HONEY - Honey actually reminds me of myself. What I love most about Cathy Cassidy books is that they don't feel fictional when you are actually reading them. You turn the page and it's like it is really happening. I even told my friend about CC books, and now she's reading them too!

Aisha lives in UAE:
I am a 12  year old girl from Dubai in United Arab Emirates (and very proud of my country). Cathy Cassidy is my favourite author of all time I just love her books - they've got everything a teenage girl would want! She understands us very well. It is kinda hard to find all the CC books here - I’ve read some but not all of them. My top faves are ANGEL CAKE, COCO CARAMEL and SUNDAE GIRL and I have even made a fact file (designed with chocolates) about them for my school project. If Cathy would visit UAE anytime it would be wonderful because I would love to see a super funny, amazing, sensible and thrilling author. It is stars falling into my hands. I am not a very good writer because my native language is Arabic but I am trying! I am in seventh grade and I am a radio host and have my own radio kids show. My hobbies are to sing, have fun, read books and get a bit artsy. I have dreams and ambitions and am hopeful to make them true by my hard work and sass. Whenever I am down I read CC books to throw a bit of glitter and happiness on things!

Ayesha lives in Ireland:
I  have been a huge fan of CC books ever since I was a young girl. They have inspired me to write little short stories of my own since I was in primary school. I'm from Ireland and I live outside a little village. Reading CC stories about Tanglewood and all those  other places made me try to find the magic in my own area when I was young because sometimes it was hard to find  inspiration in a town like mine that has so many problems and a lot of superficialness. I've been reading CC books since I was about 11 and I'm now 21 years old - it may seem strange but whenever I feel down or feel a bit lonely I find great comfort in them.  It's nice to escape back to Tanglewood and the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS and keep myself grounded and not feel the pressure of college and the scary things going on in the world.

ClĂ udia lives in Catalonia:
I love the collection of "The chocolate girls" and I have read "Heart of cherry" to "Heart of Coco". I look forward to each new book coming here, to where I live, in Catalonia, in Spain.  Yesterday afternoon I finished the book "Heart of vanilla." I liked a lot the whole story and I have to confess I cried a lot when I read it all. I hope you have a sequel for Jake Cooke!

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