Monday 26 March 2018


We asked readers which of life's simple pleasures they loved the most! Here's what they said...

Priya says:
Cooking - baking to be precise - always cheers me up. I’ve grown up helping my mum, and now I am seriously getting into baking and cake making, plus eating the results is always a lot of fun. (Bake-Off has a lot to answer for!)

Sara says:
Dance class. It’s where all my troubles check out and I feel really strong and free.

Maia says:
Sounds a bit shallow, but shopping is my favourite way to chill out. It doesn’t matter if I can’t actually buy anything, just looking and trying things on is good enough!

Jenna says:
I love drawing Manga cartoons...

Lara says:
TV... I am a bit addicted to soaps, reality shows and anything on Netflix!

Kellie says:
We have a summer house at the end of the garden and it has a wickerwork sofa with squashy cushions and blankets. It’s my getaway place to read, daydream or chill out with friends (there’s a heater, so it’s even good in the winter!)

Maia says:
Sounds mad but I love books about 'hygge' and 'lykke' the Danish ways to chill out and be happy, and the Swedish 'lagom' as well. I have these little books that really inspire me and one day I plan to travel to Denmark and Sweden and maybe even live there!

Jo says:
I’m knitting a scarf and it is surprisingly addictive! I’m not very good - yet - but I have to knit a few rows every evening!

Roz says:
Music, music, music! I shut myself in my room and turn my iPod up loud, and if anything has been bugging me or worrying me, it all fades away.

Fatima says:
I am not one for hobbies really but a gossip with my besties always puts the world to rights for me. Nothing can touch me when my mates are around!

Photos by the talented Nes Rine - thank you very much!

Cathy says:
Lovely!! I love tucking up with a blanket and a herbal tea and watching a film with my family. What are YOUR simple pleasures? Let us know in the COMMENTS SECTION below!

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