Wednesday 27 April 2016


It's problem page time again on DREAMCATCHER, and Skye Tanberry has some hard-hitting advice for reader Alicia...

Alicia says:
We have SATs tests coming up and I am so, so stressed out. I am trying to study and understand what we are doing but I just get flustered and confused. I get so anxious with tests and I know I am going to let everyone down - my parents, my school and most of all myself. Help!

Skye says:
I am not a fan of SATs tests. I don't mind studying but I don't like jumping though hoops just for the sake of it and that's what SATs feel like. Not everybody likes tests and exams, and some of us get so wound up we cannot remember what we've been revising at all. At my old school, the teacher told us that although it's important to do our best in tests like this, they do not measure the important things about us... our creativity, our kindness, our individuality, enthusiasm, effort. It helped me to hear that and I did manage to get through the tests OK in the end. Remember that SATs are just something we have to go through. Stay calm and study as hard as you can, but keep in mind that whether you do brilliantly or whether you do less well than hoped, it doesn't make you a better/worse person. Do your best - that's all you can do. Be proud of yourself for all your unique qualities. So what if sitting tests isn't one of them?

Cathy says:
Wow... strong words from Skye! I agree... but do YOU have any tips for handling that SATs stress? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Remember that SATs aren't the most important. Getting stressed about it is going to effect your performance in a negative way. I'm sure your parents will just be happy that your tried your best. I failed my GCSE's because I let the stress get to me and ended up walking out of two exams. Then when I went to college I took courses that where all coursework based to get in the profession I'm in now. - English I can handle, Maths ... The least said the better.

  2. SATs seem real hard and people try to make out that sats are the most important tests that you ever do but to be honest sats are easy and normally it reflects on the schools teaching rather than your learning... The point is there is no need to worry about SATs because if you put yourself down, you're won't be able to try your best... I believe in you Alicia

    Love Caitlin

  3. I so agree with Skye, that was a great answer :) xx

  4. u should'nt worry,the sats are really easy and u get ice cream at the end!

  5. if you try you're best and you will succeed sorry my cheesy lyrics but still try and that's all you can do don't blame yourself if it doesn't turn out as good as you wanted it to. i mean it's the effort that counts.



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