Friday 10 June 2016


I asked some of my awesome French readers which cover designs they like most on my Chocolate Box Girls series, the French or the British... this is what they said!

Manon says:
Cathy Cassidy's series, LES FILLES AU CHOCOLAT, is awesome! I like the UK covers, but I prefer the French covers overall. because of the cupcakes and the various little details about the book's characters in each design. The books have many characters but the descriptions are detailed and it is always easy to understand. At the end of the story everyone is happy and I love when it ends like this! I liked the concept of attributing a book to each character. This series made me dream... the series is my favourite amongst all of the books I have read in my life. I wish that the series would go on forever!

Anaïs says:
I had been wondering why the covers of the books are different in France and in the UK. I messaged to ask Cathy and she said that French readers like different styles and images... the French publisher wanted the book to look right for French readers. Although I like the original covers also, I like the french ones best. There are little iced cupcakes on all of the covers and they look delicious! The title lettering is beautiful and even the backs of the books look good!

Marie says:
Personally, I too prefer the French covers! I think they are most cheerful and the cupcakes represent the tastes of each character. I am so sad that the series is over because I have become very attached to the characters. I would like to know what they go on to do and be.I want to know if Summer gets properly better and if Honey finds a better place in her family. I love Cathy Cassidy's books and have read each one three times... I hope there will be more books to come, even if they are not in the FILLES AU CHOCOLAT series!

Cathy says:
I love both the Uk and the French covers, even though they are very different. I love the 'hand-drawn' quirkiness of the UK covers, but the French ones are very cool and sophisticated, I admit! Which ones do YOU like best, the French or the British? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I prefer the British ones. Not because I'm British, I'm just not sophisticated enough for the French covers.

  2. Interesting, for me I think i prefer the British covers but I still love the look of the French covers but they dont appeal to ME so much as book covers, so it must be true what the publishers said about different French and British readers prefer different styles. It must be about different cultures. Anyway the stories inside is what we all agree on, are awesome!!!

  3. Hi Cathy,
    I'm Audrey and I'm French too. I think the french cover is better because it is cool and so sophisticated. Cupcakes look also delicious and cute. I really want to eat them... :)

  4. I prefer the English covers but the French ones do look very cool!

  5. French... Even though I have the british ones, I just think the french is so pretty

  6. I like the British, how they are more free in hand art. But the French ones are actually very clever and cool, I like that style. I would still go for British though.



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