Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Readers share their fab reviews of my book LOOKING GLASS GIRL, which has just gone into paperback... have YOU read it yet? What are you waiting for? ;o)

Milly says:
I was so excited to read this new release by my favourite author! LOOKING GLASS GIRL is Cathy's modern take on the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice in Wonderland. To begin with I was confused as the book jumps around in time, but I quickly got used to this and was soon hooked - it proved to be a very clever technique! The storyline is amazing. When a sleepover at popular girl Savvy's house goes badly wrong, Alice ends up in hospital. I love the way one chapter is a real-life version of what is happening, and the next chapter is a fantasy wonderland version of the story. LOOKING GLASS GIRL is one of my favourite books, and I would highly recommend it!

Ella says:
Straight from the very first page, I was interested in the story of LOOKING GLASS GIRL. The ambulance call had me hooked and I just couldn't put the book down. My favourite part was where Alice and Luke were on the swing and just for that one moment, everything was perfect. I felt like I was in the story, watching everything happen! I could really relate to Alice as I have also had friends a little like Yazmin and Elaine in the past. The part where Alice was in a coma was very emotional and I must admit I cried a little bit... shhh!!! This is one of my favourite Cathy Cassidy books ever and I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will maybe be a sequel! (Hint, hint!)

Sophie says:
LOOKING GLASS GIRL is another awesome book from Cathy Cassidy. It is a beautifully captivating read about main character Alice, a teen who goes to an Alice in Wonderland themes sleepover (which sounds amazing!). Alice has a mysterious and dramatic accident which leaves her in a coma... or, from Alice's point of view, in a menacing kind of 'Wonderland'. The book pulls you into two different worlds... down the rabbit hole into the dark unconscious terrain of Alice's Wonderland, and also into the real world of her family and friends. You're totally hooked, wanting to find out just what happened to Alice and how or if she will ever return to the 'real' world. I love how the book is split between these different realities. It's also a very real and relateable book with friendship dilemmas and fall outs. I felt I knew just how Alice was feeling and wanted to jump in and offer comfort and advice! Like all CC books, this is a great escape and inspired me to find out more about the original Alice - the film, music, other interpretations and artwork. It's a beautiful book and I know I'll re-read it again and again.

Cathy says:
Thanks, Milly, Ella and Sophie for your fab and lovely reviews of LOOKING GLASS GIRL! I'm so glad you loved it! Have YOU read this book yet? Or would you like to review a different CC book? COMMENT  BELOW to have your say or email reviews via the 'email Cathy' link over on www.cathycassidy.com 


  1. Looking Glass Girl is a brilliant book <3 xxx

  2. I know. There is so much Drama and the idea is amazing <3 Keep up the good work (:



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