Monday, 6 June 2016


We catch up with more overseas readers who are just as crazy about CC books as readers in the UK! Take a peek...
Liliana says:
I am French and I love Cathy's books LES FILLES AUX CHOCOLATS. I am reading COEUR VANILLE - Honey and Summer are my favourite characters. I have started writing my own stories inspired by Cathy's writing style and I dream of becoming an author. Cathy Cassidy is my favourite writer - I love all the books! I enjoy reading the DREAMCATCHER blog and I would love to meet Cathy and ask some questions of my own about the books!

Hannah says:
I come from Singapore and I first started reading Cathy's books when I was around nine. SCARLETT was the first book I picked up... the cover was so pretty. I was amazed when I finished as I hadn't expected to enjoy it so much! I went on to read all the books and get excited to this day when a new book appears on the shelves. I'm sixteen and we have moved house a few times recently, but we're settled again now. I went to collect a box of my things stored at a friend's house and found my books again... I picked up GINGERSNAPS and I was pulled in completely once more. There is something so very magical about these books! I'm now tutoring a young girl in her English and have given her some Cathy Cassidy books to read... she is loving them too! I'm teaching her English and also helping her to find some very cool stories!

Ioana says:
I come from Romania, where Cathy Cassidy books are really famous. I am addicted to the books! My best friend is addicted to the series also, and she first gave me the books to read. I have read three of the Chocolate Box Girls series so far, and will read the rest as soon as I can. My favourite book so far is Cherry Crush, because Cherry is like me... I mean exactly like me! I also love the romance between Cherry and Shay. I really want to be like Cathy Cassidy when I am older, and already I am writing books. They are not yet good enough as I am only thirteen but it's a start!

Cathy says:
I love hearing from my readers all around the world... it's pretty awesome! Are YOU a CC reader from outside the UK? COMMENT BELOW if you'd like to feature on DREAMCATCHER too!


  1. I'm a CC Reader from New Zealand xxx

  2. I read cc books overseas in Australia! I have read almost every single book except for the newest release. I have been reading them for about 5 years now and I still love them. I always will!

  3. I'm a CC reader from the United States! I started reading the books when I lived in England due to my father being in the military. I had gotten my first book for my birthday completely unaware of the amazing written word before me. I started reading it and was hooked every since. I moved back to the United States a couple years ago and still order your new books all of the time. I tell my all my friends about it and promote your books at school.

  4. I'm also from Australia, and gosh I've read these books so many times over... I've been reading them for like 8 years, having picked up Dizzy when I was 7. I'm now 15, and still love the books so much!



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