Wednesday 1 June 2016


It's problem page time on DREAMCATCHER once more and reader Jessica has a question for Skye Tanberry... read on and see what Skye has to say!

Jessica says:
Recently our teacher informed us that we have to make a personal project at school, and that we have three weeks to complete it. I want to do a project that links up my hobbies of vintage, history and daydreaming and the romantic love story of Clara from the book MARSHMALLOW SKYE was inspiring for me. I want to do something on the 1920s and wondered if I could actually make or create something, or just do a written project. I'm struggling to make a decision. What would you do, Skye? What form would you have your project take?

Skye says:
I wish Mr Wolfe, our history teacher, would set us something as cool as this! You could do something amazing with a 1920s flavour, and why not base it on Clara Travers and her story? Or invent a similar but fictional love story? You could recreate the love letters Clara wrote - you can scrumple plain paper up a bit to give it an aged look and soak it in a washing up bowl filled with cold tea (no milk!) to give it a stained, sepia appearance. Dry thoroughly and write the letters in fountain pen and find some vintage stamps to scan in for the envelopes. Tie the finished letters up with ribbon, and make a few photos of Clara (or whoever your character is going to be) to go with them. You can either pose for these pics yourself and print them out with sepia filters using Photoshop or Instagram, or use scans of genuine old photos. Lastly, you could add in an old embroidered shawl or a 1920s cloche hat and pack all of these around the letters, inside an old hatbox or a battered leather suitcase. You can make the shawl or the hat if you like, or adapt a charity shop find if that's easier. This is the kind of project I would LOVE... I hope you have fun with it, and remember to let me know how you get on!

Cathy says:
Like Skye, I am deeply envious of this project too... best of luck with it, Jessica! Have YOU ever had a big school project to complete? What ideas did you use? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. That sounds so fun! We didn't have exciting and creative projects like this in school. The closest we got was a history task - to draw a comic strip depicting the events of Stirling Bridge featuring William Wallace. My suggestion, I thought it would be more interesting than writing a boring paragraph or two. More visual. But still not as much opportunity for creativity and fun as this.



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