Saturday, 8 April 2017


My fab fellow writer ROBIN STEVENS has a new book out... and it's perfect for any budding detectives and cream bun fans! Find out more...

Robin says:
I'm so pleased to have been asked to write a blog for Cathy's reader blog! A month ago I was doing a murder mystery workshop with a class who decided to make their murder victim ME... and my murderer was none other than CATHY CASSIDY! I tried to explain to them that it wasn't very likely, because Cathy is the nicest person around, but I'm not sure they believed me. So I guess I had better make this really good, to make doubly sure I'm safe!

I've been working on the MURDER MOST UNLADYLIKE MYSTERIES for almost four years now, and with each book Hazel and Daisy's world becomes bigger and more defined in my head. There are so many stories that I want to tell my fans, both about the characters I've created and the stories, books and authors who have inspired me - and now I finally can!

In CREAM BUNS AND CRIME I reveal the origins of the Detective Society's greatest rivals, the Junior Pinkertons, and tell you what happened to Beanie and Kitty at Christmas while Daisy and Hazel were in Cambridge solving the mystery of Maudlin College. I also tell you what real-life mysteries I was thinking about when I wrote my books, and finally show (if you didn't already know) what a HUGE detective fiction nerd I am. CREAM BUNS AND CRIME is full of my favourite book recommendations for mystery lovers new and old - if you love Daisy and Hazel's adventures and don't know what to read next, I hope this helps you!

If you've read my books, you'll know all about bunbreak, the word that I use any time Daisy and Hazel pause in their detective work to eat something sweet. And if you haven't read my books, welcome to bunbreak - I know you'll love it! Bunbreak is very important to my detectives and very important to me - I love to read about eating almost as much as I love to eat, and baking is one of the ways I like to relax. So I've filled CREAM BUNS AND CRIME with plenty of delicious recipes for you to try out. Somehow it never occurred to me that I'd written a cookbook - but now I can see my book on the cookery charts! I don't think I've ever been prouder!

And by the way, I promise that I am currently working away as quickly as I can on Daisy and Hazel's next full-length murder mystery. If you want to know where it's going to be set, you'll just have to solve the puzzle of Hazel's letter to Daisy in CREAM BUNS AND CRIME!

Cathy says:
Oo-er... me, a murderer? I'm a pacifist, honest! I'll be checking out Robin's new book, which sounds RIGHT up my street (cream buns? What's not to like?) and I hope YOU will too! Tell me more about your fave reads in a COMMENT BELOW!

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