Sunday 9 April 2017


It's horoscope time again on DREAMCATCHER... and Skye Tanberry has been crystal gazing! What does April have in store for YOU?

Aries: 21 Mar - 20 Apr
Spring has put a whole new energy into everything you do. You want to be outside as much as you can, cycling, walking, exploring... just hanging out. Add sunshine and friends into the mix and you're happy - life feels like an adventure right now, so don't waste a minute of it!

Taurus: 21 Apr - 20 May
It's time to widen your net and explore new interests - step outside your comfort zone and find a new talent! Spring is a great time to sign up to new clubs and classes, or to learn a new skill or sport. Take a look around you at what's on offer and give it a go!

Gemini: 21 May - 20 Jun
You've worked hard towards your goal, but things are not moving as fast as you'd like... don't get stressed or anxious about this. Fate has everything under control, so trust that things are unfolding as they should and relax a little and have some fun. It's allowed, promise!

Cancer: 21 Jun - 22 Jul
Creativity is still fizzing for you - new ideas and new skills are looking great at the moment. Take this chance to push your dreams a little further, even if it means finding courage to do something you've never tried before. The outcome could be amazing!

Leo: 23 Jul - 22 Aug
You have found a new courage to be honest, open and to move forward towards your long term goals. Things have been tough, but look at how far you have come in spite of it all - and focus on how much further you can go if you stay focused and stay aware of what is needed. You can do it!

Virgo: 23-Aug - 22 Sept
A friend who seemed to let you down recently is heading for trouble herself - will you reach out to her now that she's struggling? This is a time to assess what you need from a friendship and to step away from some influences who are pulling you down, but hold onto your compassion and kindness no matter what.

Libra: 23 Sept - 23 Oct
Fed up with rumours and gossip? I don't blame you! Mean chat isn't fun, it's damaging - and if someone close to you is hooked on gossip it could be time to let go. Look for positivity, fun and support and you may just find yourself with new and inspiring friends!

Scorpio: 24 Oct - 22 Nov
Someone at school or work is trying to tell you something, and you're not listening to the message - calm things down and pay attention to what is going on around you, because this is a message you are menat to hear. Small changes will bring big rewards!

Sagittarius: 23 Nov - 22 Dec
The end of April brings a brilliant new opportunity that could change things dramatically for you. It may not be immediately obvious, but things are changing - so get ready to ride the wave! After a while of feeling lost, you are definitely back on track!

Capricorn: 23 Dec - 20 Jan
Romance is brewing - and for once, it involves someone you actually like! Tread carefully, as your crush may not be as confident as you about taking things forward, but whatever happens, enjoy the knowledge that others out there can see your worth and your uniqueness.

Aquarius: 21 Jan - 19 Feb
You have not been afraid of change in 2017, and now some of those small changes are paying off. Bit by bit, you are moving into a new phase of confidence and power, where you will get to call the shots. It's exciting - but use that power wisely!

Pisces: 20 Feb - 20 Mar
Don't wriggle out of taking on a new responsibility - it brings big opportunities with it, some of them very unexpected! Hard work now will be rewarded in the summer, so try to see the big picture and give everything in life your best attention. It will be worth it!

Cathy says:
Interesting stuff... I think! Do YOUR predictions ring true this month?  COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. It sounds like good advice for me! (Scorpio)

  2. I think that this relates to me really close and my best friend said it worked out for her

  3. i'm leo... yeah, that relates to me.



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