Thursday 6 April 2017


What do you love best about Spring? I asked readers to share their thoughts... this is what they said!

Demi says:
Being able to sit outside at cafes is the best sign of spring for me... sunshine and friends, a drink and a cake, watching the world go by... what could be better?

Jessica says:
Bring on the warm weather! For me, spring is all about new leaves on the trees, being able to wander around in a t-shirt at last, going out on my bike - and Easter, of course!

Katie says:
This year, we're off to Greece and Italy on a school Classics trip - how cool will that be? Easter in a Catholic country! When I was little, the Easter Bunny came but even now there is chocolate left out on Easter morning... it's a chocolate feast! Spring really 'springs' in other places, but here in New Zealand it's more that winter sort of melts away. And right now, it is NOT melting! We've begun our descent into winter!

Kelly says:
Winter is quite a grey season, so for me it's seeing the plants in the park burst into colour again and the birds singing. It's not just nature, either - everyone seems chirpier once the hour goes forward and the sun starts shining!

Sophie says:
For me, spring is a time of reawakening when the daffodils come out again and it's time to visit the garden centre and prepare new seeds for the garden. Baby lambs are born and it gets warmer and lighter, and it gives me new hope about my life. I love Easter, too, as it brings out my creative side, but mostly I look forward to those chocolate Easter eggs... who doesn't?

Val says:
Wild flower picking, long walks, seaside, hills, farms, picnics, camper vans, tulips, new lambs, fresh new beginnings... but most of all, the run up to summer!

Khara says:
My mum is mad on gardening so when she starts pottering about the garden and planting things again after a long grey winter, I know the seasons are changing! I also love the extra hour of evening light, and being able to sit out in the garden or even eat outside if it's warm enough!

Kym says:
Fresh early mornings with the sun coming up, dandelions popping up everywhere... it's not too hot or too cold. And cherry blossom!

Zaila says:
I love the fact that there is new life... it always feels like a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to start over.

Thanks to talented photographer Casey for the gorgeous shots accompanying this feature!

Cathy says:
I love the joy that spring can awaken in us all... it really is a fresh beginning! What do YOU like best about the changing seasons? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. After having the winter blues,I am quite keen Spring has come,not only is it my favourite season because it is my birthday but also because it is not to hot or not to cold!

  2. I'm in Sicily now, and it's so warm!! You can go around in legging and a tshirt!



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