Monday, 24 April 2017


We've had a great April, but life isn't always sunshine - reader Jade has some ideas for how to handle those April showers!

Jade says:
Everytime April rolls around it's the same. Flowers come out, the sun peeks from behind a cloud and I fool myself that it's summer. I start planning picnics and trips to the seaside, and then the sun vanishes and the rain sets in, and I realise that I've fallen for it again. This year I am determined not to let a few spring rain showers stop me from feeling upbeat and happy... I have a plan, and I am willing to share it!

* Rain showers are a part of spring, so don't try to fight them... dress the part! Have a light raincoat packed away in a bag that you can slip on when it's wet, and carry on as usual! I've got a yellow one with toggles that looks a bit like something a fisherman might wear - it makes me feel happy every time I put it on! Wellies and umbrellas are great too... get out there an conquer the elements!

* Wellies are essential if there's a real downpour because there is nothing worse than soggy feet. Choose a bright, cheery pair! Rekindle your childhood days and jump in puddles, splash through streams and squelch through the mud... once you're wet, you're wet, so just go for it and enjoy the sensations! You can always warm up later with a hot bath or shower!

* Take your camera or smartphone out and capture some beautiful images for Instagram or Snapchat. Raindrops on glass or on the shiny surface of a leaf, rain splashing into puddles, the bright colours of umbrellas and wellies... make it a project!

* Take a walk in the woods if you really want to be outside and it's too wet - the trees will shelter you from the worst of it, and woodlands are so pretty at this time of year. There's something magical about woods in the rain! Equally, watching the rain fall onto a lake, river or canal is very soothing.

* Ever tried singing in the rain? Or dancing? It has to be done! Once you get going it is exhilarating and funny... and addictive! Turn your face up to the sky and let the rain slide over your skin. It's supposed to be really good for the complexion!

* Too wet to go out? Don't be sad, think of the summer flowers being watered! This is a perfect day for snuggling inside with a good book, your favourite hot drink and a head full of dreams... and remember, those sunny days will be back soon!

* If all else fails, watch a movie... Singing In the Rain if you love musicals and retro stuff with a rainy theme, or just pick Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid for watery fun and loads of nostalgia!

Cathy says:
This is a great list from Jade... I will definitely take some advice from this on a rainy day! Do YOU like the rain or do you let it get to you? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I have mixed feelings about rain, I love it in the Summer, hate it in the Winter.

  2. Good time for this post, it was actually hail stoning here today! But now the sun is shining! I don't like the rain but I think it's a good excuse to stay inside with a book which is what I've been doing today :)

  3. Singing and dancing in the rain can be tricky. For instance, singing when it's raining causes ones mouth to fill with water and it tends to sound more like melodious gargling. Also, ever tried dancing in the rain wearing glasses? Within 30 seconds you can't see anything and start staggering like a drunken sailor.

    No, no, better left to Fred & Ginger.

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