Friday, 7 April 2017


Another in our occasional series about readers around the world... meet Yzabela, a Romanian girl who loves Cathy Cassidy books!

Yzabela says:
One summer vacation, I started searching for a new book to read at the library. I am fourteen years old, and coming from Romania, I read a lot of novels by Romanian writers, but I wanted to find new ideas, new stories and new dreams. I decided to try the foreign writer section - and this is how I first came to discover Cathy Cassidy's books.

The first one was CHERRY CRUSH - what caught my attention was the characters and what they represented, especially Cherry, a very shy and reserved girl who had no friends amongst her classmates but soon had the friendship and support of Shay Fletcher.

It was an unusual book with an interesting plot... so interesting that I had to get a second book, MARSHMALLOW SKYE. I really liked this book. Skye was a great character to read about - a really creative girl who loved vintage clothes and history. She had a mystery to unravel, trying to get to the heart of Clara's secret - that's all I can say without giving spoilers, sorry! Leaving aside the mystery of the story I truly felt that I could relate to Skye.

Then came the third book, SUMMER'S DREAM. Summer was the most hardworking and determined of the sisters, always striving to reach her best. This book made me realise that you must fight for your dreams and never feel that they are impossible, no matter what that dream may be. Yes, you may need to put in a lot of hard work, but the journey will be fun!

Cathy's books hooked and impressed me. I love the books very, very much and they have even given me ideas and inspiration for my own book, based on my own life called 'Painting the Stars of My Teens.' I hope to go on reading CC books... and perhaps one day be a published author myself!

Cathy says:
I love this... hearing from dedicated readers all around the world is one of my favourite parts of being an author! Has a book ever changed YOUR life or made a huge impression on you? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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