Monday 24 July 2017


Reader Anna tells us all about her love for swimming... and why it makes a great hobby!

Anna says:
I learned to swim when I was a toddler. My parents are both keen swimmers and my dad had competed in county swimming championships when he was a teenager. We spent a lot of time in the water - at the pool at weekends, and in the sea on our annual holiday to Greece. I loved it.

When I was nine, I joined a swimming club and by the time I was eleven, I was asked to join another club which trained on a Monday evening. I completed my lifesaving skills and learned butterfly stroke and basic diving skills. I was fast and had what the trainers thought was 'good style' so two years later again I was asked to join a swim club that trained early in the mornings, three times a week.

At this point it stopped being just fun and became hard work, but because I love swimming so much I didn't mind. I started competing in regional competitions and have won quite a few for my age group, which is a fantastic feeling. At school my friends tease me that I'll be in the next Olympics, and although that is a bit of a fantasy of mine (for the future, not the next ones!) I don't actually think that will happen. I probably don't have the dedication and stamina needed, and I like all the things an ordinary fourteen year old likes, such as boys, music, parties and fashion. I have met other swimmers who are a lot more single-minded than I am, although my coach says I have to aim high so who knows.

It doesn't matter, because although my parents support me, they have never pushed me (or not more than I want to be pushed, if that makes sense.) They know I swim because I love it, and I think that if I don't make it as a competitive swimmer I would love a career in the sports and leisure industry, helping others to love the sport as much as I do. I would recommend swimming to anyone as it is fantastic all round exercise and anyone can do it. I also love that for that hour in the pool, all my worries fall away and I just feel happy and alive to be moving through the water.

Pic by reader 'Zoella' - posed by model

Cathy says:
Brilliant post - I love swimming too, though I am very slow, and I agree that it is a great way to switch off from the stresses of everyday! Do YOU swim? Or do YOU have a different sport you love? Email me via the 'email cathy' link on to tell me more for a possible post on DREAMCATCHER, or COMMENT BELOW!


  1. I'm not a big swimmer, but I swim on holiday. Since I'm in Cyprus now, I did 70 legths of the communal pool today

  2. I am a rubbish swimmer so I have a fear of water which is too deep for me stand in
    Any advice
    Love from Aaliyah xxx



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