Tuesday 18 July 2017


We asked what you're looking forward to most about the summer... this is what you said!

Carrie says:
Long days blending into each other, lazing around and spending more time outside... that's what I love most about the summer. Plus no school... that's top of the list!

Jennifer says:
In the school holidays, my mum, sister, auntie, cousins and me all go to stay at my auntie's caravan for two or three weeks, and sometimes for the whole summer holidays. It's not far away, just a forty minute drive, but it's by a lovely sandy beach and it is the best bit of my year by far. My dad and uncle have to keep working so they just come down at weekends, and that means we are sort of stranded at the campsite, and I love that. It's different to the real world. I have a cousin the same age and we spend all our time together, she understands me so well. Last year we had our first crushes on boys at the campsite, which was weird, so I can't wait to see what this year brings.

Mel says:
We are going to Portugal this August, which will be our first overseas holiday for five years. I am ridiculously excited. I still have some holiday stuff to buy, and I can't wait!

Carmel says:
I am going to a two week youth drama course this summer and I cannot wait. I love acting and it's perfect to me to spend so much time on a production, and with teachers who are really brilliant. It's a great opportunity. And I hope to make new friends too, who share my passion!

Esther says:
My family aren't going anywhere on holiday this summer so my best friend and I have made a pact to make it the best summer ever anyway. We have drawn up a bucket list and we are going to work our way through it. 'First kiss' is on the list... arghhh!

Nikita says:
I have got a holiday job for the first time, waitressing at a local cafe in town. I have never done it before and I'm a bit nervous, but I'm looking forward to it. And looking forward to the money I can earn as well!

Fab pic by Ali: model, Hollie. Thank you both!

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