Saturday 1 July 2017


Blue is one of my longtime readers, now in her early twenties... so when she offered to review LOVE FROM LEXIE I couldn't wait to hear her verdict!

Blue says:
I finished LOVE FROM LEXIE the night I got it - it's one of those books that you cannot put down because you HAVE to know what happens next! Main character Lexie accidentally starts a band and ends up on a crusade to save her local libraries from closure (a topic dear to many readers' hearts) and it's just as madcap as it sounds! In true CC style, important topics are acknowledged and addressed in the book, from library closures to the individual and often challenging backstories of the characters. Fans will recognise Jake Cooke, the Chocolate Box Boy, as the band's eager triangle player... I liked that, it was a nice link to Cathy's other books.

The book was well written as always, and I especially enjoyed the inclusion of song lyrics for the Lost & Found - it really brought the band to life for me. LOVE FROM LEXIE left me with two lingering thoughts. Firstly, this is the book I wish I'd had as a youngster. It's the book I needed and wanted when I was eleven or twelve, and though I enjoyed it immensely as the adult I now am, I am glad Cathy's younger readers have the privilege of having this book in their lives right now. Secondly, I am so, SO glad this is the first of a series! I can't wait to follow Lexie and co on their journey.

Give it a read, please... you won't regret it! From the riveting plot to the colourful cast (quite literally in the case of Bex, the blue haired punk rocker and Miss Walker, the librarian with a pink beehive!) this is quite possibly the best book you'll read all year. 10/10 doesn't seem enough, somehow, so I score it 15/10!

Awesome picture of the LOST & FOUND band by Blue... LOVE it!

Cathy says:
This review is just so cool... I love that she's connected so well to the characters! Have YOU read LOVE FROM LEXIE yet? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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