Thursday 27 July 2017


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a twin? Even my characters Skye and Summer found it tricky at times... we asked some real-life twins to tell all!

Raima says:
My twin Nikita and I love your characters, but especially Summer and Skye - they resemble us a lot! Your books inspire us, and my twin has a big passion for writing too!

Nikita says:
Being a twin has its pros and cons! It can be really fun as people always stare at us when we go shopping in the same clothes! When one of us cries the other seems to cry too, which is weird. The disadvantages are that we seem to get one present between the two of us and we often get compared to each other which is annoying. Being a twin can be both enjoyable and challenging!

Erin says:
My twin sister Kate and I are non-identical twins... and we really look nothing alike! It can be annoying having a non-identical twin as nobody believes you when you say you're a twin, but it is also amazing as you get all the perks of being an identical twin but nobody ever confuses you. Plus, you have a friend for life if you have a twin, which is amazing. I'd enjoy being an identical twin so as to trick people, but I don't like the idea that twins should dress alike... if you match perfectly, that's just too confusing! If Kate and I were identical I think we'd be like Skye and Summer Tanberry, and have our own styles and personalities!

Immie says:
I'm a twin. Not identical - just a twin. And although we quarrel and fight just as any sibling does, we love each other and I wouldn't know life without her. We go to the same school, have the same friends... and if I think about it, my twin IS one of my best friends! It's nice to have someone your own age on holiday... my older sister Ella often has friends her own age around, but Bea and I can always keep each other company. I feel very lucky to have Bea and without her I know I'd feel sad and lonely. Being a twin is awesome (even though she irritates me occasionally!)We will grow up going through the same issues and problems, and going to the same parties too! We are a special species!

Cathy says:
Aww, love this! Are YOU a twin? Do you agree with Nikita, Raima, Erin, Kate, Immie and Bea? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Two of my friends are twins, but they're not identical. They're really close and never quarrel, which i guess is a rarity. They're best friends at school too, although they have completely different classes. There are some identical twins in one of my classes but they aren't that nice and they think they're better than everyone else. One of my friends has a twin who's disabled and goes to a special school, which is hard for her but they both cope very well.

    1. I guess having a twin comes I handy at school
      It's like a biological best friend!

  2. Having a twin has always seemed an interesting concept. They seem to have a unique bond that can't really be described. My brother's girlfriend is an identical twin and my sister's soon to be husband (scary stuff) is a triplet. :)

  3. I know two five year olds who are twins. One is very naughty and the other is occasionally good. They are identical and at first I couldn't tell who was who. But now I know.

  4. My aunties are twins
    Strangers find it hard to tell them apart buti know them so well that even talking on the phone to the I can tell them apart
    I've always wondered if being a twin is a good or bad thing
    Love from Aaliyah xxx

  5. I have a twin sister too. We are non identical but still look similar - long blonde hair, fair, blue eyes. It's great to have a twin to rely on and someone to share your secrets with. We even can read each other's minds! Sometimes we wish we could be identical so we could pretend to be each other!



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