Monday 3 July 2017


I asked readers met on my recent book tour for LOVE FROM LEXIE to share their comments on what a CC school visit is like... this is what they said!

Chelsie says:
I loved hearing about how all the ideas for the new series and LOVE FROM LEXIE came about... from the Dr Marten boots that inspired the character Bex to the music theme and the library stuff. And I knew even before I started to read that my favourite character was going to be Mary Shelley the tortoise! The talk was cool and I got to ask a question too, which Cathy answered. I bought the new book and got it signed, and brought some of my books from home to be signed too. I wish school was always this inspiring!

Nidhi says:
I am a huge CC fan and LOOKING GLASS GIRL is one of the best books I have ever read! I loved your book talk in Ilford and found it quite inspirational... I am considering becoming an author, and have already had some pieces of writing published!

Raima says:
My twin and I were so happy to find out Cathy was visiting our school on her book tour - we love CC books and characters SO much! We loved the presentation - especially when Cathy read from her new book LOVE FROM LEXIE. While she was reading the whole hall was silent and everyone was so moved and intrigued by the story. Even the teachers! CC books are the best I've ever read and they inspire me so much!

Sophia says:
I loved the book talk Cathy did when she came to our school in Birmingham on her book tour. I showed Cathy the reply she'd written to the letter I sent her last year and she signed my LOVE FROM LEXIE book! The slide show was so inspiring - one of the ideas my friends and I got from it was to make a trailer for LOVE FROM LEXIE! We are even holding auditions, and can't wait to start filming. We are part of a book group, and LOVE FROM LEXIE is going to be our next read!

Rosie says:
My favourite bits of the presentation were the bits about daydreaming (I will be asking for the daydreaming hacks) and also the quiz, which was fun. I am entering the letter writing competition too and if I win I will give the signed book to my best friend. The whole presentation was really cool and inspiring but my best bit of all was getting my copy of LOVE FROM LEXIE signed and meeting Cathy, which I will always remember!

Haydn says:
I loved Cathy's presentation and can't wait to read LOVE FROM LEXIE - I stayed after school for the book signing because I couldn't miss the chance to meet my absolute favourite author! I loved the bit in the talk about daydreaming because I love to switch off and drift away. After the talk I was inspired to make a daydream den - see picture! I put cushions and fairy lights in the corner or my room and made a canopy from a blanket. I put my favourite books onto the bookcase and stuck sticky notes with random ideas on them around the den. Plus... I made sure there were some jellybeans handy!

Fab pic of LOVE FROM LEXIE, boots and guitar by Dandelion Kym - many thanks! Pic of daydreaming den by Haydn - brilliant! 

Cathy says:
Aww, lovely feedback... and the tour's not over yet! Have YOU ever been to a CC event? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. Awesome they are all lucky and I love the daydream den I want to create one too! I have been to CC event at Edinburgh book festival of course, it was really good I went on my own so I was a bit nervous (my mum & brother were there too but I went into the event on my own) I loved the talk and then I waited in a long queue for signing books I somehow managed to get near the back of the queue, which was hard for someone like me with Anxiety and I thought about just leaving the queue but I stuck with it and it was worth it and I got some of my books signed and some chocolate! Now I just need my Love From Lexie book signed :p hope to see you again soon Cathy x



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