Sunday 9 July 2017


It's horoscope time again and SKYE TANBERRY has been making consulting the stars... will her predictions ring true for YOU this month?

CANCER (22 Jun-22 Jul)
You're cautious but sensible with money as a rule, but fortune decrees you'll have plenty of cash this summer - make sure you use it wisely and have lots of fun with it! Believe in yourself and this new abundance could become a permanent fixture...

LEO (23 Jul- 23 Aug)
Change is forecast, and although that can feel scary it's really a good thing, promise! Enjoy it and see where it takes you... new doors are opening up for you and exciting opportunities are there for the taking! Here comes freedom!

VIRGO (24 Aug- 22 Sept)
The holidays could not have come at a better time - you need to step back, relax, chill out and reassess your life! Hard work has been par for the course just lately, but take the time to work out if this is what you want. Once you've got that dream in mind, plan the best way to achieve it!

LIBRA (23 Sept-23 Oct)
So much potential is unfolding for you this summer! Decide on your hopes, dreams and wishes and allow yourself to really believe in them - the stars are lining up to fast-track your secret ambitions, and there's a power in the air that looks very much like magic...

SCORPIO (24 Oct-22 Nov)
Time to think big - the holidays are a great time to plan just what you want from your life right now, and work out how to put any changes into place. The time is right for you to step up and reach out for the things you dream of, so give it everything you've got!

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov-21 Dec)
Stay open to possibilities and you'll see opportunity where others might not! Travel this summer will recharge your batteries, top up your adventurous spirit and give you energy to tackle the hard work that lies ahead. Study will follow, but it will be fun!

CAPRICORN (22 Dec-19 Jan)
Lots of changes are on the cards this month, so take a deep breath and make the most of it! As well as holiday fun you'll have the chance of some holiday romance action too... and even if it is quite flirty and light, this will boost your self-esteem hugely!

AQUARIUS (20 Jan-18 Feb)
The summer break looks like being SO lucky for you... relaxation, adventure and romance are all on the cards. It is also the perfect time to change all the niggly little things that are getting you down and make a fresh start towards a brighter, more satisfying life. Get planning!

PISCES (19 Feb-20 Mar)
You've been feeling stressed and pressured lately, and pushing yourself too hard. July is your chance to get things back into balance and let go of the stress... your priority is to chill out and refuel right now, so put health and happiness at the top of your wish list and make some changes!

ARIES (21 Mar-19 Apr)
You've fallen into some bad habits as far as school/ college/ work are concerned... time for a rethink and a fresh start! Rest and fun are looking good this month, and an unexpected flirtation will add excitement to the summer. Enjoy!

TAURUS (20 Apr- 20 May)
Have you been working too hard? Or not hard enough? You know the answer, and you know what you need to do - and now is the time to out thoughts into action. Look for a better balance of work and fun, and make those changes now... avoiding the issues could end in disaster.

GEMINI (21 May-21 Jun)
Arghh... when does the hard work let up? Not yet, alas, but you kind of like it this way! Work, fun, travel and change are all going to be pretty full-on in the coming months, so grit your teeth and go with the flow. Keep hold of your dreams, because they can become reality - perhaps when you least expect!

Cathy says:
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  1. I don't believe in dreams anymore, I've left dreaming about everything.I can't hold on my dreams anymore.



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