Saturday 25 November 2017


My fab Irish author pal JUDI CURTIN has a new book out - a brilliant time-slip story that I think my readers will love! Take a sneaky peek...

Judi says:
STAND BY ME is the second book in the series about Molly and Beth, who have found a secret door to the past. This time, the girls are worried about their favourite uncle, Graham. He's still feeling sad and guilty about something that happened to his best friend in the 1960s, so the girls decide to head back in time to see if they can help him to fix what happened. They soon discover that life in the 1960s is VERY different... and that people could actually have a meaningful existence without mobile phones (!!!)

This series came about after a visit to my mum last year. She told me great stories about when she was young, and I found myself wishing I could go back to see what she was like when she was a little girl. That's an impossible dream for me, but with my characters, I can make anything happen!

The first book in the series, TIME AFTER TIME, was set in the 1980s which was a lot of fun to write, as most of the research consisted of trawling through my old photograph albums. I am tempted to set the third book in the 1970s, simply because I have a very cool dress to wear to the launch!

STAND BY ME is out now. 

Check out Judi's website at

Cathy says:
I love the sound of this time-slip series - so cool! Have YOU read any awesome books lately you think CC readers might like? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more and have your say!

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