Monday 20 November 2017


Readers share pics of their fave autumn hats... fabulous, every one of them!

Blue says:
I'm not usually much of a hat wearer - my hair is fabulous and demands to be free - but I got this hat a couple of years ago and it has kitty ears, so it's perfect for me. I certainly did not chase a cat yelling 'Why won't you let me pet you? Are you offended by my hat?' OK, I did do that. But only once. OK, twice. I like cats a lot and the hat serves three purposes: 1/ It keeps my head warm; 2/ It covers up bad hair days - shocking, I know, but even I get these! 3/ It makes it easier to blend in with my cat buddies. Y'know, when I'm not scurrying after them, begging them to let me pet their floofy heads!

Katie says:
Ra ra Ravenclaw! What better way to show your Hogwarts House pride than by brightening up your wardrobe with a cool cap like this one? It's just one of many souvenirs I brought home from Armageddon, the New Zealand geek convention. It came from a small indie stall but the hats were officially licensed, and this one was so shiny I couldn't resist it. You actually wouldn't guess from the front what the crest and the colour symbolised if you were a Muggle, but Ravenclaw is written on the back. Subtle but shiny! I'm going to swap my two or three Harry Potter beanies for this once the weather gets warmer, but for now I'm going to take it out on the town and give them the ol' Ravenclaw razzle-dazzle!

Louise says:
This is my favourite hat right now because it's so easy to wear and so perfect for when autumn starts sliding towards winter! It's also my favourite because the big flower always makes people look and smile - and that makes me happy!

Cathy says:
Love these... and what very cool hats, too! I think I need to up my hat game a little now that the weather's getting cooler! Do YOU have a fave hat? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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