Thursday 2 November 2017


Readers review non CC books they've read and loved in the first of a new series especially for book lovers... take a peek and get inspired!

Katie says:
In RADIO SILENCE by Alice Oseman you meet a geeky fangirl called Frances Janvier, who does fan art for a science fiction podcast show in secret. On the outside, she's smart and studious, a 'study machine', Head Girl. But with the help of an intriguing boy called Aled Last, life becomes a lot more than school.

RADIO SILENCE gave me a whopping book hangover because for a thrilling 400 pages you are living someone else's life. Every day I wore patterned leggings and every night I went to bed under a cityscape blanket. The characters in RADIO SILENCE are so precious that the book is sometimes too hard to read, but that's a good thing... it shows how cleverly written this story is.

The characters are beautiful, simple yet complex and so very real. This is not a book that you just 'put down' when you're done... Frances Janvier will always be my BFFF (best fictional friend forever). RADIO SILENCE taught me that sometimes things in life are confusing and don't always go according to plan, but as long as you have special people in your life it will be a lot easier than it may seem!

Cathy says:
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