Sunday 12 November 2017


Readers talk about their newfound love for one of the coolest musical instruments ever... the ukulele!

Esme says:
My mum bought me a bright purple ukulele for the Christmas before last, which wasn't that odd as she is always getting me unique gifts. I had been pining to learn an instrument and the ukulele seemed perfect! I didn't quite know what to do with the uke at first, but I started lessons at MMT in August and I was doing really well. The uke is not too difficult to learn, although some chords I still can't do, such as B flat! In January this year, my teacher decided I was good enough to perform in public, and despite my nerves, I performed 'Can't Help Falling In Love With You' by Elvis Presley. It was the best feeling - the whole room was in silence while I played. I accompanied the uke by singing the song, and this has inspired me to start voice lessons too. I am doing well in both, and enjoying it so much! I don't know if many people my age learn the ukulele, but they should as it's great fun! The photo is from January, just after the performance!

Taylor says:
Music is really important to me - it helps me to escape from everything going on in my brain and in my life. I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) because of something that happened in my past, and due to this I get horrible flashbacks. It seems that grabbing my keyboard or ukulele helps by getting rid of the memories for a while, and it just relaxes me and the stress melts away. The post performance buzz is something I will never get tired of - that feeling that you've done it is like nothing else, and it seems to last for days!

Deborah says:
When I was in Year Nine, I was in a music form, and one of the compulsory parts of being in the form was learning the song 'Stand By Me' on the uke, so that we could play it in assemblies. It didn't take me too long to learn it and we performed it quite often. Even though I've had a four year break in playing uke, I still love the instrument inside and out!

Cathy says:
Aww... I love these posts! I just wish I had a few musical skills, but hey ho, you can't win 'em all! Do YOU play uke - or any other musical instrument? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. Ukele sounds lovely! I don't play it, but I do play the piano which means the world to me as I have mental health problems and I can pour out all my feelings through the tips of my fingers. Also, my cat 'plays' the piano with me sometimes, as she is really affectionate and curious, which is really cute!



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