Tuesday 14 November 2017


Skye Tanberry reveals her top horoscope predictions for November... how will YOUR month unfold?

SCORPIO: 24th Oct - 22nd Nov
Life seems to be going at a hundred miles an hour lately... and although you've been known to have control freak tendencies, right now you're revelling in it! Give in to the fun of the season... and throw the to-do lists away, for this year at least!

SAGITTARIUS: 23rd Nov - 21st Dec
You love this time of year... first a birthday, then Christmas... what's not to like? Life can be bittersweet at times, but you know how to live it to the full and grab the good times when you can. The stars show lots of positive stuff in the areas of love, friendship and fun, so enjoy every minute!

CAPRICORN: 22nd Dec - 19th Jan
It's time to put your worries on the shelf and enjoy the gifts life has given you... that might be a new friendship, a loving family, a loyal pet or even a hobby or skill. Enjoy the little things and you might just find that the big things take care of themselves!

AQUARIUS: 20th Jan - 18th Feb
Hard work is starting to pay off, whether that's in the area of work, friendship, family or future plans! You've come a long way, but allow yourself some down time to have fun. The next few weeks will be packed with opportunity and entertainment, and you'll kick yourself if you miss out!

PISCES: 19th Feb - 20th Mar
If anyone deserves some pamper time, it's you - OK, it may be small-scale stuff, but a new haircut, a cute Christmas jumper or a new book to snuggle up with can really help to re-set your mood. Balancing work with fun stuff is key to getting through the months ahead, so make it a priority!

ARIES: 21st Mar - 19th Apr
A friend has been quite distant and distracted lately, and this may have hurt your feelings - instead of challenging her, be supportive and quietly accepting, because she may be going through a difficult time. Plan some fun stuff to do with your friendship group and put a little spark into winter!

TAURUS: 20th Apr - 20th May
You're struggling with work/ school/ relationships just now - something, somewhere isn't going according to plan and that's spoiling things all round. You can't always fix things or get the result you want, but do your best to make things right and then step back and let fate take care of the rest.

GEMINI: 21st May - 21st June
Confidence has been at an all-time low, and for a Gemini, that's seriously bad news - it makes you question everything. You're usually kind to others yet hard on yourself - time to be gentle with yourself and take some of the pressure off. Just do your best... it really is enough.

CANCER: 22nd June - 22nd July
You've spent most of the year quietly trying to help a friend in need. It's time now to put yourself first and ask what you really want from life - and how you can get it. This may mean changing a few things or even backing down on an issue, but it will make you happier and allow you to be a better friend.

LEO: 23rd July - 23rd Aug
You've been impatient at the small steps forward life has offered lately, but small steps are better than no steps! Time now to get pro-active and take matters into your own hands - be brave, be confident, be hopeful, even if you have to act the part at times. A life-changing opportunity is heading your way.

VIRGO: 24th Aug - 22nd Sept
You've got the Christmas bug a little early this year - but so what? That just prolongs the fun! Plan some wintry outings with friends to spread the festive cheer... you'll find yourself the centre of things and your confidence will get a boost as a result! Santa's little helper? Bring it on!

LIBRA: 23rd Sept - 23rd Oct
Life has had a few surprises up its sleeve lately, and you're beginning to enjoy the thrill of the unexpected... perhaps a few festive surprises might be in order to create a little magic for those you love?

Cathy says:
Ooh... some very interesting predictions here! Does YOUR horoscope ring true this month? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. They always get my horoscope right EVERY month.😊

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