Friday 3 November 2017


Readers review Cathy's  book CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS… and the verdict is looking GOOD!

Zoe says:
I've read CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS and it was amazing! I have already tried some of the projects in the book, such as the hot hot chocolate and the friendship bracelets… they are just so inspiring. The beautifully designed cover really jumped out at me and it obviously appealed to my friend because she bought it too. We have been able to do some of the tasks together, which is cool! I love the way the sisters from the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series introduce a season each, and also tell you about the projects… and you find out more about them as they do! I would definitely recommend it for anyone who loves crafts, fun and sleepovers; there are just so many crafty things in there it's hard to choose which project to choose next. It's a really good book and I love it so much. It even inspired me to draw a picture of Honey, inspired by the gorgeous illustrations inside!

Mel says:
I love the whole CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, but this book is my absolute favourite. It has so much to do and make and it gets you into a very creative way of thinking! Whenever I make something from the book, I end up getting ideas for other projects as well, which is brilliant! The book is set out like a yearbook so it takes you through the year and some of the projects are themed - for example, I used the ideas in the book to do Halloween make up looks for me and my friends, and we got costume inspiration from the book as well! We even made Halloween recipes! Now I'm flicking ahead to the Christmas pages because there are some amazing ideas for cool home made presents, which should save me a fortune when Christmas shopping! What's the best thing I've made from this book? The customised shorts I made at the start of the summer... I've worn them loads, got tons of compliments and I'm still wearing them even now it's autumn, over wooly tights! If you are arty and creative and a fan of the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, this is the book for you!

Tilda says:
My best friend got this book a few weeks ago and we have had so much fun with it already. In the half term holidays we made flower garland headbands - I've always wanted one! This book is going on my Christmas list, I love it!

Priya says:
I was given this book as a present last year and I love it. The fashion makes are my favourites but the recipes are great as well... I have even made the three tier birthday cake for my mum, and everyone was really impressed! I've done some of the other things too, such as book-gifting, which is such a simple idea but makes you feel great. I love that there is room for you to add your own designs and ideas... it's a book that anyone creative or fashion-conscious will love!

Cathy says:
This book was my favourite ever book to write... so much fun! It really is perfect for my arty, awesome extra-cool readers... and that's most of you, let's face it! Have YOU read CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS yet? COMMENT BELOW and have your say!

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  1. i've not got the book the waterstones near me doesnt sell it
    it would be cool if there was a comp for it
    from the reviews ive read it sounds so cool arty and well cute



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