Monday 13 November 2017


LIFE IS SWEET, the collection of short stories linked to the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, makes a perfect Xmas prezzie for CC fans! Readers share their reviews to whet your appetite!

Francesca says:
LIFE IS SWEET is a brilliant compilation of short stories that are all about the Chocolate Box Girls - and boys! My favourite is probably CHOCOLATES & FLOWERS (Alfie's story) because it is a perfect mix of surprise and sweetness. Romance is not a subject I usually read or look for in stories - I am more into action and mystery - but this book is different from any other in that genre. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends, because it is really interesting and has a few twists hidden away which you wouldn't expect. This keeps you entertained and alert for any more unexpected plot twists that could pop up at any moment!

Deborah says:
LIFE IS SWEET is one of those books that you adore. Not just because it has six different CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series linked stories for you to choose from, but also because the stories come together to create a world that you live in when you read them. Reading LIFE IS SWEET truly made me me believe the message that the title spells out is true! The new story with Ash in it was an unexpected bonus and made it an even better book... I loved it! Ash's story is so heartfelt and touching and really helped to wrap up the story of Honey and Ash and give us a peep at life after FORTUNE COOKIE! This book is an extra piece of Tanglewood and makes the world bigger and better.

Lindsey says:
I have a lot of favourite CC books, but LIFE IS SWEET is one I keep going back to because I love the little slice-of-life stories and the insights into background characters from the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series. I gave copies of this book to my two best friends last Christmas and they both ended up getting hooked on CC books, so... this year I'll be giving it to my cousin, who is nine, and just ready to discover the magic of Tanglewood. My favourite story? It's the last one, where Ash and Honey meet up in Paris. Oops! Better not give any spoilers!

Cathy says:
Ooh... it's a bit early to be thinking of Xmas prezzies... or is it? I like the idea of giving books... which CC book would YOU recommend to a friend? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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