Thursday 2 June 2016


Reader Abigail made this awesome sun-top from one of the projects in my CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS book... read on and find out how she did it!

Abigail says:
Cathy's book CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS is a fun and crafty guide for arty, creative people. The book shows each of the five Tanberry-Costello sisters sharing their secrets on how to make cool clothes, food, presents and many other things mentioned in the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series. As each sister tells you how to make a particular project, you also get to know them a bit more and see all kinds of behind the scenes extras that feed into the series. This unique and practical book is a great way to find inspiration and lovely ideas for gifts, bakes, fashion makes... and much more! Definitely brilliant value for money!

When I purchased this book I was really happy with what I had bought. Pretty much straight away I knew I wanted to make Honey's summer top project, using a vintage scarf. It is a simple project but looks so effective... plus of course it is one of a kind , so nobody will have the same top... an idea I love! Now that the weather is hotting up I am hoping to wear it lots. It was a really fun project to work on, too!

Each project in the book - and there are LOADS - is collected into months and seasons of the year. In the winter section, there are lots of ideas for making Christmas presents for friends and family. One of the ones I tried was to make your own bath bombs - I did this project for my grandma for Christmas. It was really successful thanks to the easy step by step guide and she loved it.

The book is a pleasure to have and certainly fabulous to look at... the drawings are so cool and there are photos too so you know what your final project is supposed to look like! Lots of inspiration. CHOCOLATE BOX SECRETS is a great addition to the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series... or a great introduction to it, if you haven't read the series yet! I rate it 10/10!

Cathy says:
Awww... this book was so much fun to write... I'm glad my readers are loving it so much! The book is a perfect buy for creative, arty, practical readers who are looking for something cool to keep them busy this summer. What are you waiting for? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. omg, how cute this would go so cute with shorts and strappy sandals.

  2. I have wanted to make one of them, but I haven't had the time!! It looks super cool. I am going to make one, I am inspired!!

  3. I got a copy of the chocolate box.secrets for my birthday and I love it! If you haven't already got a copy then I sugest you get one!



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