Friday 10 February 2017


Another in our series of CC readers all around the world... meet Amanda, who began reading CC books in Holland, and now lives in France...

Amanda says:
I'm from Holland, and this is me with the first CC book I ever read. When I was about fifteen, I found a copy of DIZZY in English at the local library and loved it so much I actually read half of it there! I took it home and finished reading it the same day. That book just stuck in my mind! When my sister started reading in English a few years later, I told her about DIZZY and took her to the library. We found more CC books, like INDIGO BLUE, SCARLETT and DRIFTWOOD. We've been fans ever since, and my sister even got her first library card so she could read CC books at home.

I moved to France to live a few years later, and I still live here now. CC books in French are very popular, but I try not to read translations when I understand the original language. Although the English versions of the books are hard to find here - you have to order them - I have started collecting them. It brought back very happy memories when I got DIZZY; I now have CHERRY CRUSH too, and I plan to find the rest! I'm a lot older than fifteen now, but I still enjoy CC books and I hope I always will!

Cathy says:
I love this... it's always cool to hear from readers overseas, but even more so when they've grown up but still loving the books! Whic CC book was the first one YOU ever read? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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