Saturday 18 February 2017


Reader Amy tells us about the vital campaign her school have been running to help women in third world countries.

Amy says:
I wanted to tell you about a campaign my school ran recently called 'Smalls For All'. Smalls For All is a charity that collects bras and underwear for girls and women in third world countries who cannot afford their own. This matters more than you might think; it's not just a comfort issue, the women are less likely to be attacked or raped if they have underwear. Also, girls are stopped from going to school when they have their periods as they have nothing to help them.

We managed to collect so many bras as part of this project, it was into the thousands I think! I loved helping with the running of the campaign as I was head girl at the time... it was a great campaign for an all girls school and focused attention on many issues and problems that we don't talk about or think about enough. The charity need packs of new underwear/ pants suitable for children from age three upwards, and women up to a size 16. They accept either new or 'gently worn' bras and lots of us can pass on something like that as there are usually little-worn items lurking around somewhere at home.

If you would like to help too, why not see if your school can take part and collect items? Or perhaps your office of place of work? Go to to find out more and download a poster to help spread the word. Even if you have just a few things to pass on, that helps too... your donations can be posted to the following address:

Smalls For All,
108 Buchanan Crescent,
EH54 7EF.

Illustrations by Cathy's fab writer friend Fiona Gibson - many thanks.

Cathy says:
Well done Amy! I've heard about this charity and love that such a simple idea can make a genuine difference. Have YOU helped with a charity project recently? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. Replies
    1. Really? How old are you!! Maybe you just don't understand yet?!

  2. I respect your opinion, Louisa. However, I disagree with it. This is because hygiene is also a reason as to why we need underwear so it's best that we provide it for those who don't have underwear, as it is being generous and caring for them.


    1. I agree that people need underwear such as nickers but bra's are really un necessary

    2. Maybe they're not the most important way of helping these people, but I'm sure any kind of help is appreciated, even if its not strictly necessary. I know not wearing a bra would irritate me. It may be a little thing, but if we all give a little thing it can turn in to a big thing. It's not like I have anything better to do with bras that don't fit me, or I don't like wearing but can't return or exchange. It's a great idea and I hope people get behind it.

  3. This is a fabulous charity, maybe I could write about it on my blog. It really is important for both hygiene and safety, so well done to all of you who support it. Well done you, Amy!



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