Monday 27 February 2017


Reader Penny explains the Danish idea of hygge... and how to enjoy it!

Penny says:
You've probably heard of hygge by now... the Danish art of finding happiness in the small things. It's pronounced 'hooga' which is quite a lot like the word hug, and from what I have seen hygge is like a big warm hug for all of us in the middle of winter, when we need it most. I think it is worth trying out, because the Danes are supposed to be the most content people in the world, so they must be doing something right!

What do you need for a hygge evening? An open fire, a blanket, a favourite book, candles, a meal shared with friends... all of these can be part of your relaxing chill out. It is about enjoying the simple pleasures of life with those we love. Choose a weekend day and plan a brisk walk in the countryside (or in the park!) with your family. Leave your phones behind and focus on the sights, sounds and smells of your adventure. Instead of taking Instagram pictures, pick up fir cones and pretty leaves. Back home, share a warming bowl of soup - something home made is best. Look up some recipes and make one earlier in the day to give your family a treat! When you think about it, this is something the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS do naturally!

Once you are all warm and cosy again, turn the lights down low and snuggle in for a quiet evening in front of the fire or log burner. If that's not possible, light some chunky candles instead (be safe!) and curl up with blankets, books and board games. How long is it since you did a jigsaw with your little sister? Played Cluedo with your mum? Talked about happy childhood memories? Switch off the TV and switch off the grumbles too... a hygge evening is about reconnecting and have a fun family time. Drink hot chocolate and toast your toes by the fire, and keep those mobiles turned off so you can find happiness in the little things. The Danish have it right, I think!

Cathy says:
I think hygge sounds brilliant... even if it's just one evening now and then, having some quiet time with family or friends is really important. What would YOUR perfect family evening be? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. My perfect evening would be eating a bowl of sour cream & chive crunchy pretzels, reading a Cathy Cassidy/Jacqueline Wilson/Holly Smale/ J.K.. Rowling book, curled up in a small couch, with marshmallow sandwiches (it all relies on yummy food), and watching a teen high-school movie, with my cuddly toy dog, Thumbelina, and a crackling fire, surrounded by my family, or alone. Being alone is wonderful for us introverts...
    Oooh, did I mention the can of sour cream and onion Pringles (I honestly looove soured cream), and the Tyrell's Mature Cheddar and Red onion crisps?
    Hey, I eat healthy every day, I have a right to crave junk. Am I right?

  2. I need some Hygge in my life....... And more hugs!

  3. That sounds so fun! I've been really busy lately so I think that that would be a great fun night with my family so I can chill, thanks xx



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